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2019-03-06AFL Tonight - Episode 2: "Free Agency Frenzy"
2019-02-13AFL Tonight - Episode 1: "New Directions"
2018-08-01AFL Tonight - Episode 18: "Roller Coaster Season"
2018-07-28AFL Tonight - Episode 17: "ArenaBowl Special"
2018-07-25AFL Tonight - Episode 16: "Shock the World"
2018-07-19AFL Tonight - Episode 15: "Expect the Unexpected"
2018-07-12AFL Tonight - Episode 14: "A New Era"
2018-07-05AFL Tonight - Episode 13: "Fit To Be Tied"
2018-06-28AFL Tonight - Episode 12: "Hot Take Debate"
2018-06-20AFL Tonight - Episode 11: "The Future of Broadcasting"
2018-06-14AFL Tonight - Episode 10: "Getting Your Kicks"
2018-06-08AFL Tonight - Episode 9: "Broadcast Not Available"
2018-05-30AFL Tonight - Episode 8: "QB Rolodex"
2018-05-24AFL Tonight - Episode 7: "Rocket Science"
2018-05-17AFL Tonight - Episode 6: "Coke is Bad for You"
2018-05-10AFL Tonight - Episode 5: "No Intro Necessary"
2018-05-03AFL Tonight - Episode 4: "In an Instant..." celebrates Twenty Years on the Internet
2018-04-19AFL Tonight - Episode 3: "Everything Old Is New Again"
2018-04-12AFL Tonight - Episode 2: "Empire State of Mind"
2018-04-04AFL Tonight - Episode 1: "New Beginnings"
2018-03-29ArenaFan Exclusive Interview: Commissioner Randall Boe
2017-08-24AFL Tonight - Episode 20: "The One Before the Big One"
2017-08-17AFL Tonight - Episode 19: "Tickets Punched"
2017-08-10AFL Tonight - Episode 18: "It's How You Finish"
2017-08-03AFL Tonight - Episode 17: "Six Degrees of Raterink"
2017-07-27AFL Tonight - Episode 16: "It is Just Math"
2017-07-20AFL Tonight - Episode 15: "Milestone Moments"
2017-07-13AFL Tonight - Episode 14: "Nobody's Perfect"
2017-07-06AFL Tonight - Episode 13: "Deja Vu All Over Again"
2017-06-29AFL Tonight - Episode 12: "The Veal was good, but Cleveland was dead meat"
2017-06-22AFL Tonight - Episode 11: "A Nickel for Money"
2017-06-15AFL Tonight - Episode 10: "Head Games"
2017-06-08AFL Tonight - Episode 9: "Gone To The Birds"
2017-06-01AFL Tonight - Episode 8: "To Err Is Human"
2017-05-25AFL Tonight - Episode 7: "Channeling Leon Lett"
2017-05-18AFL Tonight - Episode 6: "Exchange Rate"
2017-05-11AFL Tonight - Episode 5: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"
2017-05-04AFL Tonight - Episode 4: "Wasting Time(outs)"
2017-04-26AFL Tonight - Episode 3: "On the Clock"
2017-04-20AFL Tonight - Episode 2: "After Further Review..."
2017-04-13AFL Tonight - Episode 1: "New Beginnings"
2017-04-08Watch Tampa Bay Storm at Cleveland Gladiators - 4/8/17 [LIVE]
2016-08-26AFL Tonight - Episode 21: "For All the Marbles"
2016-08-18AFL Tonight - Episode 20: "Calm before the storm"
2016-08-11AFL Tonight - Episode 19: "Shortlisted"
2016-08-04AFL Tonight - Episode 18: "Chicken Math"
2016-07-28AFL Tonight - Episode 17: "When life gives you lemons"
2016-07-21AFL Tonight - Episode 16: "Ch-ch-changes"
2016-07-14AFL Tonight - Episode 15: "Battle Royal"
2016-06-30AFL Tonight - Episode 14: "Bye-ding Your Time"
2016-06-22AFL Tonight - Episode 13: "Trading Places"
2016-06-21ArenaFan To Represent #OrlandoUnited in Week 13
2016-06-16AFL Tonight - Episode 12: "Standing Tall"
2016-06-08AFL Tonight - Episode 11: "History Worth Watching"
2016-06-01AFL Tonight - Episode 10: "Any Given Sunday"
2016-05-26AFL Tonight - Episode 9: "Time Will Tell"
2016-05-19AFL Tonight - Episode 8: "Director`s Cut"
2016-05-12AFL Tonight - Episode 7: "Family Reunion"
2016-05-04AFL Tonight - Episode 6: "Blue Harvest"
2016-04-28AFL Tonight - Episode 5: "Time Travel"
2016-04-21AFL Tonight - Episode 4: "La AFL sin importar el idioma"
2016-04-14AFL Tonight - Episode 3: "Sour Grapes"
2016-04-07AFL Tonight - Episode 2: "Mercy Rule"
2016-03-31AFL Tonight - Episode 1: "On Your Mark..."
2016-02-28AFL Tonight - Episode 0: Offseason Special
2015-08-28AFL Tonight - Episode 23: Fangs Out and Fins Up
2015-08-25AFL Tonight - Episode 22: Straight Outta Stockton
2015-08-24ArenaBowl XXVIII Interviews
2015-08-19AFL Tonight - Episode 21: Alphabet Soup
2015-08-13AFL Tonight - Episode 20: Circus Atmosphere
2015-08-05AFL Tonight - Episode 19: Taken To The House
2015-07-29AFL Tonight - Episode 18: Do You Smell...
2015-07-22AFL Tonight - Episode 17: Fit To Be Tied
2015-07-16AFL Tonight - Episode 16: Know When to Fold`em
2015-07-08AFL Tonight - Episode 15: Mo Money, Mo Problems
2015-06-25AFL Tonight - Episode 14: Turn of the cards
2015-06-18AFL Tonight - Episode 13: Stun the World
2015-06-10Join Tim Capper and Adam Markowitz for AFL Tonight LIVE!
2015-06-10AFL Tonight - Episode 12: Brain Games
2015-06-04AFL Tonight - Episode 11: Now or Never
2015-06-03Join Tim Capper and Adam Markowitz for AFL Tonight LIVE!
2015-05-28AFL Tonight - Episode 10: Under the Boardwalk
2015-05-21AFL Tonight - Episode 9: Pursuit of Perfection
2015-05-16TT Toliver moves into 2nd place all-time in receiving yards & receptions
2015-05-13AFL Tonight - Episode 8: Missing Pieces
2015-05-06AFL Tonight - Episode 7: Unnecessary Roughness
2015-04-29AFL Tonight - Episode 6: Walking Wounded
2015-04-22Infographic: Six for Six
2015-04-22AFL Tonight - Episode 5: Do Not Change that Dial
2015-04-15AFL Tonight - Episode 4: You asking me that question?
2015-04-10TT Toliver becomes fourth man in AFL history to log 1,000 receptions
2015-04-08Infographic: The Copper Standard
2015-04-08AFL Tonight - Episode 3: Rolling Snake Eyes
2015-04-07This Week in AFL Stats - AFL Week 2
2015-04-01AFL Tonight - Episode 2: VooDoo Magic
2015-03-31Infographic: Men of Steel
2015-03-29Dan Raudabaugh becomes 14th man to throw for 400 TDs
2015-03-27Infographic: Blood in the water
2015-03-26AFL Tonight - Episode 1: Everything old is new again
2015-02-26ArenaFan Special: An interview with AFL Commissioner Scott Butera
2015-02-06AFL Tonight crew issues statement of correction
2015-02-04AFL Tonight - Offseason Special
2014-10-15ArenaFan Response to League Statement on Pittsburgh Power
2014-08-22AFL Tonight - Episode 24: For All The Marbles
2014-08-15ArenaBowl XXVII Interviews
2014-08-14AFL Tonight - Episode 23: Dynasty vs Destiny
2014-08-07AFL Tonight - Episode 22: Ho No!
2014-07-30AFL Tonight - Episode 21: Thonn of Fun
2014-07-23AFL Tonight - Episode 20: Down The Stretch They Come
2014-07-17AFL Tonight - Episode 19: Shocked, Rattled and Rolled
2014-07-16ArenaFan Mourns the Loss of Karter James Lucas
2014-07-09AFL Tonight - Episode 18: Anttaj Mahal
2014-07-02AFL Tonight - Episode 17: All Good Things...
2014-06-26AFL Tonight - Episode 16: Standing in the Hall of Fame
2014-06-18AFL Tonight - Episode 15: After Further Review...
2014-06-11AFL Tonight - Episode 14: If A Tree Falls In The Woods
2014-06-05AFL Tonight - Episode 13: Oh Yes They Call It The Streak
2014-05-28AFL Tonight - Episode 12: Memorial Day
2014-05-21AFL Tonight - Episode 11: What`s said on Twitter...
2014-05-14AFL Tonight - Episode 10: KISS`em Goodbye
2014-05-07AFL Tonight - Episode 9: QB Triage
2014-05-01AFL Tonight - Episode 8: Cleveland Rocks
2014-04-23AFL Tonight - Episode 7: Zero Tolerance
2014-04-17AFL Tonight - Episode 6: Domino Effect
2014-04-09AFL Tonight - Episode 5: Hooker, Line and Sinker
2014-04-02AFL Tonight Episode 4 - Quarterback Controversy
2014-03-25AFL Tonight - Episode 3: Power Plays
2014-03-19AFL Tonight - Episode 2: Can't Buy Me Love
2014-03-13AFL Tonight: Physically able to perform
2014-02-28ArenaFan Partners With Tooker Flags for Game Trophies
2013-10-23ArenaFanís Adam Markowitz to Cover AFL China All-Star Games
2013-08-17AFL Tonight Episode 24: Ready... Set...
2013-08-16ArenaFan Coverage of ArenaBowl XXVI Media Day
2013-08-13AFL Tonight Episode 23: Down the Stretch they Come
2013-08-13ArenaBowl XXVI Interviews and Videos
2013-08-08AFL Tonight Episode 22: Shark Week Meet & Greet at ArenaBowl XXVI
2013-08-04Rattlers, Shock, Sharks, Soul Are AFL's Final Four
2013-08-01AFL Tonight Episode 21: Playoff Bonanza
2013-07-282013 AFL Playoff Schedule
2013-07-272013 Arena Football League Milestones, All-Time Records
2013-07-25AFL Tonight Episode 20: Two For the Road
2013-07-21Week 19 AFL Playoff Scenarios (Updated 7/26, 4:15 PM)
2013-07-18AFL Tonight Episode 19: Wide Eyed and Bouchy Tailed
2013-07-15ArenaFan Statement Regarding Playoff Scenarios
2013-07-152013 Arena Football League Playoff Scenarios For Week 18
2013-07-11AFL Tonight Episode 18: VooDoo Magic
2013-07-03AFL Tonight Episode 17: Fourth of July Fireworks
2013-06-27AFL Tonight Episode 16: A Blaze of Glory
2013-06-20AFL Tonight Episode 15: Remember the Alamo(dome)
2013-06-12AFL Tonight Episode 14: All the Tea in China
2013-06-06AFL Tonight Episode 13: Bringing Home the Bacon
2013-05-31AFL Tonight Episode 12: Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
2013-05-30Statement to Chicago Rush Season Ticket Holders
2013-05-22AFL Tonight Episode 11: Rock Bottom
2013-05-15AFL Tonight Episode 10: Shake, Rattle, and Roll
2013-05-09Utah responds to accusations on crowd noise simulation
2012-08-10ArenaFan's Adam Markowitz To Be On Breakthrough Sports Radio Live at 4:30 CT
2012-03-06ArenaFan expands presence in social media, seeks fan interaction
2011-08-08HOF Finalist to join fans on ArenaFan's online chat during Force-Sharks game
2008-07-24ArenaBowl XXII Podcast Interviews - updated 7/27 1:00PM
2008-05-08Jackson, McEntyre and Samuels Receive Week Ten Honors
2008-05-01Whittaker, Moten and Samuels Receive Week Nine Honors
2008-04-16Amey, Floyd and Pettis Receive Week Seven Honors
2008-04-08Dutton, Walker and Moye-Moore Receive Week Six Honors
2008-04-03Greisen, Moyer and Martin Receive Week Five Honors
2008-03-26MacPherson, Spears and Brown Receive Week Four Honors
2008-03-19Greisen, Spicer and Pettis Receive Week Three Honors
2008-03-12Wimprine, Raymond and Brown Receive Week Two Honors
2008-03-05Graziani, Robinson and Redd Receive Week One Honors Podcasts from ArenaBowl XXI
2007-06-18Greisen, Johnson, and Johnson receive Week Sixteen honors
2007-04-18Germaine, Angel, and Pettis receive week seven honors
2007-04-16Soul broadcaster Ari Wolfe to chat with ArenaFan® Thursday April 19th at 9PM ET
2007-04-12McPherson, Trufant, Marshall receive Week Six honors
2007-04-04Sippio, Angel, Haglund receive Week Five honors
2007-03-28Pettis, Hawkins receive Week Four honors
2007-03-20Sippio, Jones, and Filer receive Week Three honors
2007-03-14Prentiss, Unertl, and Pettis receive Week Two honors
2007-03-07Greisen, McEntyre and Riley receive Week One honors
2006-06-01AFL Booster Groups and Fan Clubs Unite for an ArenaBowl XX Tailgate Party!
2006-05-10AFL Hall of Fame QB Ben Bennett to chat with ArenaFan Tuesday May 16 at 9pm ET
2006-05-03Wranglers president MacGregor to particpate in ArenaFan Chat
2006-04-13Matt Sauk to chat with fans April 18
2006-02-08Shaw, Mason and Pettis Named Players of the Week by ArenaFan Online
2005-08-23Sauk, Larkin and Adams Earn Conference Finals Honors
2005-06-16ArenaFan Online Announces 2005 Prize Winners
2005-01-29This is a test
2004-01-28ArenaFan Radio Network Launches New Website
2004-01-17ArenaFan Gears Up For 2004
2003-12-10Arenafan Online to Change Ownership. Sheller Stepping Down
2003-04-15Technical Difficulties Continue
2002-05-21Arenafan Radio Launches Arenafan Radio Archives
2002-04-01Looking forward to a big season, Arenafan Radio shuffles hosts
2002-04-01Arenafan Radio Finds New Home and New Host
2002-03-31Week #1 Recaps
2002-03-31Week #1 Recaps
2002-02-07Looking for a few good volunteer voices
2001-10-31Rooney Not Interested in Pittsburgh Franchise
2001-07-07Arenafan Radio Ratings Up 100 Percent
2001-06-05Pre-Father`s Day Book Release Party Scheduled For War On the Floor
2001-05-31Pre-Fatherís Day Book Release Party Scheduled For War on the Floor
2001-03-02ArenaFan-tasy Football for 2001 is now open for signups.
2000-04-20ArenaFan Online`s New Statistical Package to Debut on April 27