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ArenaFan-tasy Football for 2001 is now open for signups.

Friday March 2, 2001

Arenafan Online, the nation’s most complete and visited online magazine dedicated to the Arena Football League, is proud to announce that signups for its ArenaFan-tasy Football games are now taking entries for the 2001 season.

Arenafan Online set a new standard in online fantasy sports by hosting multiple leagues during the 2000 season that allowed users to draft players, trade players, and compete in head-to-head games with inter-league opponents. The 2001 version remains unchanged, except that it now requires a nominal entry fee of $5.

For the 2001 season, Arenafan has also debuted a new version of its popular fantasy game. The "QuickPlay" version allows players to select eight eligible players each week to compete against all other participants. Quickplay users may join or create their own “groups” of friends or coworkers in which to compete.

“We’re excited about our new fantasy lineup for 2001,” said Arenafan Technical Director Dave Carlson, “Our featured game includes all the things people love about playing fantasy sports with friends or work colleagues: drafts, trading, rivalries… but all online.”

“Our ArenaFan-tasy game creates a feeling of community and social closeness that is often missing from online games,” said Kevin Sheller, owner of Arenafan Online, “When I played last year, I got to know all of my opponents quite well, because you learn quickly that you need to trade to be competitive!”

Fans who wish to play ArenaFan-tasy football in either form are encouraged to visit the GameRoom page on ArenaFan at . is an international online publication specializing in the Arena Football League and the af2. For three seasons, Arenafan Online has provided fans, media, players, and teams with up-to-date first party and third party news, statistics, scores, interactive games, and forums for discussion. Arenafan also provides comprehensive historical statistics, scores, award results, career player and coach statistics, and franchise information since the league’s inception in 1987. We are exceptionally proud of the online Arena Football community we’ve supported and of our outstanding staff of professionals across the nation.