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ArenaFan Gears Up For 2004

Saturday January 17, 2004

It`s hard to believe that the 2004 season is here already! From the day that Kevin Sheller offered to sell ArenaFan to me a few months ago, I haven`t looked back. We have been caught in an exciting whirlwind. Finding new writers and reorganizing responsibilities is only the beginning of our renewed efforts to maximize our Arena Football coverage.

Now I know how the Arena Football teams must have felt when they found out that the first kickoff of the 2003 season would be moved from April to February.

While the ownership of ArenaFan has changed, our commitment to you, our dedicated readers, has only grown stronger. The staff and writers of ArenaFan are devoted to providing the best coverage of Arena Football that can be found anywhere. In addition to all the news, original stories, stats and scores that you have come to expect from us, 2004 promises even more.

During the off-season, we have been hard at work trying to come up with some new features for you, our loyal visitors. We have expanded our players section to provide additional information about the individual players. We expect our Player Tracker feature to go live before the season begins, which will allow you to track and compare the statistics of your favorite players throughout the season, all on one page. This will be especially beneficial to those who participate in our ArenaFan-Tasy and Quick Fantasy football games.

Look for the return of the ArenaFan Radio Network in 2004. ArenaZone has already begun its weekly Internet broadcasts, hosted by Fran Stuchbury. Tim Capper`s AFL Tonight will resume on February 9th, providing comprehensive coverage of each week`s games, all the way through ArenaBowl XVIII.

ArenaFan has formed some exciting new partnerships in 2004. The first and foremost is with ArenaFan will be the official coverage provider of Arena Football on their network of sports websites. Rather than starting from scratch, they realized that what they needed was already well established at ArenaFan. The partnership will provide ArenaFan with more publicity and reach to sports fans, and it gives the Arena Football coverage they want to bring to their network members.

Another partnership we have recently formed is with a Saturday evening sports talk show in Los Angeles, hosted by Evan Money. Every week, one of our writers will be a guest on his show to discuss the team that they cover and talk about the AFL in general. From time to time, some of our staff may be guests on his show to talk about ArenaFan. The show also has segments with Arena Football players, coaches and league representatives.

But why are we doing all this? After all, every writer and every person on staff is a volunteer. The answer is simple, and it`s in our name. We do it for you, the fans. Even with all of the comprehensive coverage and features that we provide, we`re always striving to do more. If you have any suggestions, please send us your feedback. Our mission is to provide the ultimate online experience for all who share a passion for Arena Football.

As ArenaFan starts its seventh year, we want to recognize all of the fans who appreciate our steadfast dedication.

Thank you for visiting!