The Home of Arena Football Fans since 1998 Press Release to Debut on April 27

Friday April 24, 1998

ArenaFan Magazine has been purchased from Wade Kotar by a group of
Internet Arena Football League fans from the Arena Email Mailing List.
The online-only web site officially launches Monday, April 27, 1998,
and offers up-to-date news, statistics, historical information and
statistics, a comprehensive list of Arena Football-related links, and
fan-interactive sections including a pick-em contest, fantasy league,
and the Email mailing list.

The URL is

ArenaFan's goals are to provide accurate and up-to-date Arena Football
League news and information to online AFL fans, and to bolster the
Arena Football League community both online and offline. ArenaFan
supports players, coaches, officials, teams, owners, the league, and
most importantly, the fans.

ArenaFan Staff
Dave Carlson                        Partner, History and Interactive Editor 
Kevin "Kevmo" Sheller                Partner, Design and Content
Ken Gill                                News Editor
John Ferlazzo                        Marketing and Promotions
Jay Jacox                                Historian and Staff Writer

Dave Carlson is the brainchild behind ArenaFan and assembled the staff
over a period of six months. An experienced Arena Football webmaster,
has moderated the first "Milwaukee Mustangs Fan Page", and then moved
on to create the "Arena Football History Pages" before taking on
ArenaFan. Dave has been a member of the Arena Football Mailing list
for many years, and is a Milwaukee Mustangs season ticket holder. Dave
currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Kevin Sheller was chosen as Dave's partner and the page's lead
designer and content editor. Kevin brings with him 6 years of
webmaster, journalism, and internet experience. He moderated the first
Arena Football Web Site, "ArenaWeb," and started the Arena Football
Email mailing list in 1993. He served as a journalist for Akron's
Buchtellite and covered Cleveland Thunderbolts games for two seasons.
Kevin currently resides in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

Ken Gill is ArenaFan's News Editor. Ken has been a long time supporter
of the Arena Football League, as the Arena Football Email mailing
list's main source of news and information. Ken has collected a
library of more than 170 videotaped Arena Football games, and he
regularly drives hundreds of miles to Albany to attend Firebirds'
games. Ken is a father of two and resides in Eynon, Pennsylvania.

John Ferlazzo serves as ArenaFan's Marketing and Promotions director.
John has been a long-time outstanding member of the Internet AFL
community who has helped shaped the online Arena Football fan's
understanding of the league and its actions. John attended his first
AFL game in 1990, and has been a season ticket holder for the Albany
Firebirds ever since. He also moderates the Arena Football Email
mailing list and lives with his wife, Carol,  in Schenectady, NY.

Jay Jacox joins ArenaFan as Historian and Staff Writer.  A fan of the
Arena Football League since its inception in 1987, Jay has compiled a
library of AFL programs, media guides and memorabilia throughout the
years. Statistics and roster information are his loves and he plans on
continuing this affair with ArenaFan.  Jay resides with his wife and
son in Orlando, FL since moving from Nebraska last summer.


The above article is word for word our announcement that went out when we formed ArenaFan in 1998.