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ArenaFan Online`s New Statistical Package

Thursday April 20, 2000

Arenafan Online is proud to present its new full presentation of stats. In addition to the stats that we have offered over the past two seasons, we have now added defensive and kick return stats to all of our pages. We also have player awards information, and we`ve added full yearly team stats on the team history pages. A special thanks goes to Jim Parcels who provided 99% of the statistics that are found on our site. We now have the history of the league from 1987 to 1999, and will have it updated week by week as the 2000 season rolls on. Here is an updated listing of how we are presenting the leagues statistics now on ArenaFan:

By team: Here you can click on any of the 47 teams that have played in Arena Football. You can look at any past year in their history and see the game by game scores and attendances, plus all of the player stats for the team that year.

By player: Every player who has strapped on an AFL helmet is listed in our players section, with fulls stats in all catagories (passing, rushing, receiving, returns, kicking and defense). Plus we also list the awards a player has won. You can search for players by last name, college, current team, or by their other pro league experience.

League leaders: We have league leaders for the latest season, as well as for every past season, in passing, rushing, receiving, returns, kicking, sacks and interceptions.

Career leaders: Career leaderboards and best season leaderboards are viewable for 38 different statistical categories.

Coaching records: Every coach`s year by year record is displayed, as well as lists of the top coaches in 4 statistical categories.

Team scoring records: Scoring records by teams over the years are displayed in this section.

Attendance Chart: Every years attendance is shown in a chart format by team and week.

Awards: You can search for yearly award information by award or by the year given.

As you can see, we offer almost every current and historical statistic for the AFL. If you see anything that you think is in error on our pages, please E-Mail us at ArenaFan Online so we can investigate and fix the problem.