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Technical Difficulties Continue

Tuesday April 15, 2003

Due to continuing difficulties beyond the control of Areanfan Online`s dedicated staff, the Arena Football online magazine will cease the posting of news stories until as late as Wednesday evening, April 16th.

"Many of our staff are not even able to access our own site," said Arenafan owner Kevin Sheller. "As a result, we are forced to place daily operations on hold until the site can be moved to a new webhost."

The webhost has been chosen, and the move has begun. Expectations are that the new site will be operational by Tuesday evening, April 15th. Unfortunately, there is up to a 24-hour waiting period for the new internet address to become accessible after the site has been successfully moved.

"We hate to disappoint our very dedicated user base by suspending operations for up to two full days. But we see no other option," said Sheller. "When the move is complete, however, everyone should benefit from faster load times and considerably less down time."

Many users across the country have been experiencing difficulties accessing the Arena Football web giant since early April. The website went completely offline for two business days during the week of April 7th. Slow access times have also been widely reported. is an international online publication specializing in the Arena Football League and the af2. For six seasons, Arenafan Online has provided fans, media, players, and teams with up-to-date first party and third party news, statistics, scores, interactive games, and forums for discussion. Arenafan also provides comprehensive historical statistics, scores, award results, career player and coach statistics, and franchise information since the league’s inception in 1987.