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Arenafan Radio Launches Arenafan Radio Archives

Tuesday May 21, 2002

In response to the overwhelming requests from Arenafan Radio listeners and fans, Arenafan Online and Arenafan Radio are proud to announce the launching of the Arenafan Radio Archives.

AFR Archives will be re-broadcasting shows from the 2002 season in their entirety through the archive site located at Shows will play back-to-back with the most recent show first.

"We are hoping fans, who may not be able to catch the original broadcast, will be able to listen to the shows they have missed through the archives," co-host Tim Capper said. "Arena Football fans from all over the world have shown that they love to listen to Arenafan Radio."

New shows will be archived within 24 hours after each week’s episode. Archives will be not be accessible during live broadcasts of Arenafan Radio.

The archives can be opened in two ways. A link is currently available on in the "Radio Show" section of the site. Also, you can access the archive directly by pointing your browser to

Any questions or comments about the archives may be directed to

ArenaFan Radio Archive: Catch up on what you missed!