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Andy Lopusnak Articles
8/12/2013Guy Amongst All-Time Greats
8/7/2013Davila Chasing More Than History
8/3/2013Top Non-Playoff Teams with Winning Records
7/31/2013 Andy’s 2013 AFL Award Winners
6/21/2013My 2013 AFL HOF Finalists Ballot
7/28/2012Cats looking to charm Rattlers a third time
7/27/2012My 2012 AFL Award Winners
7/26/2012It's just not the same
7/25/2012Record-breaking 2012
7/20/2012Blaze-Soul Matchup an ArenaBowl Preview?
7/18/2012Garcia adds another record
7/13/2012SaberCats conclude regular season vs. Iowa
7/11/2012AFL Playoff Format Needs to Change
7/9/2012National Conference playoff teams set
7/8/2012SHOCKER: Spokane already mathematically eliminated
7/6/2012SaberCats make playoff push at home
6/24/2012Grady & Rowley Set New AFL Pass TD Records
6/22/2012SaberCats: home is where the wins are
6/19/2012My 2012 AFL HOF Finalist Ballot
6/14/2012Tommy guns down the record book
6/9/2012Historically speaking, how do you deal with a forfeit?
6/7/2012Much different Arbet-Munsey rematch
6/6/2012Grieb grabs more history
5/29/2012BREAKING NEWS: SaberCats' Kirton Dies Suddenly
5/27/2012SaberCats need more than 60 minutes to take lead, win
5/18/2012Say it Ain't So: Final Grieb-Garcia game?
5/14/2012AFL's Silver Anniversary Committee in need of history and math lessons
5/10/2012Blaze-SaberCats: Best in West and possibly in the AFL on the line
4/6/2012San Diego Riptide: A look back
3/15/2012Breaking it Down - 2012 Week One
3/12/2012Rattlers on the wrong side of history...again
3/10/2012SaberCats Scratching Back
8/17/2011Breaking it Down - ArenaBowl XXIV
8/10/2011Breaking it Down - 2011 Conference Championships
8/9/2011R.I.P. Ironman Football
8/3/2011Breaking it Down - 2011 Quarterfinals
7/28/2011Breaking it Down – Week 20 2011 & Playoff Preview
7/26/2011Breaking it Down - 2011 Award Winners
7/20/2011Breaking it Down – Week 19 2011
7/14/2011Breaking it Down – Week 18 2011
7/8/2011San Jose still in it with three left
7/7/2011Breaking it Down – Week 17 2011
6/30/2011What Happened to the SaberCats?
6/29/2011Breaking it Down – Week 16 2011
6/23/2011Breaking it Down – Week 15 2011
6/21/2011Breaking it Down: 2011 HOF Finalists Revisited
6/15/2011Breaking it Down: AFL HOF Edition
6/1/2011Breaking it Down – Week Twelve 2011
5/25/2011Breaking it Down – Week Eleven 2011
5/18/2011Breaking it Down - Week Ten 2011
5/12/2011Breaking it Down - Week Nine 2011
5/5/2011Breaking it Down – Week Eight 2011
4/28/2011Breaking it Down - Week Seven 2011
4/22/2011Soul-SaberCats game quite different from last
4/21/2011Breaking it Down – 2011 Week Six
4/13/2011Breaking it Down - 2011 Week Five
4/7/2011Breaking it Down – 2011 Week Four
3/30/2011Breaking it Down – 2011 Week Three
3/24/2011Breaking it Down – 2011 Week Two
3/16/2011Breaking it Down – 2011 Week One
3/10/2011San Jose wakes from long catnap
11/26/2010AFL MVP Proves Worth in UFL
8/25/2010Breaking it Down – ArenaBowl XXIII
8/18/2010Breaking it Down – Conf. Championships/AB 23 Preview
8/11/2010Breaking it Down – 2010 Divisional Playoffs
8/5/2010Breaking it Down – Week 18
8/2/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 AFL Awards Ballot
7/29/2010Breaking it Down – 2010 Week 17
7/22/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week 16
7/18/2010Playoff Picture Breakdown – After Week 16
7/17/2010Playoff Picture Breakdown – After Week 16 Friday games
7/14/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week 15
7/10/2010Playoff Picture Breakdown - After July 9
7/8/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week 14
7/1/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week 13
6/23/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week 12
6/17/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week 11
6/10/2010Breaking it down – 2010 Week Ten
6/7/2010Breaking it down - "Err" on Garcia
6/3/2010Breaking it down – 2010 Week Nine
5/12/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week Six
5/4/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week Five
4/28/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week Four
4/22/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week Three
4/14/2010Breaking it Down - 2010 Week Two
4/8/2010Breaking it down – 2010 Week One
10/15/2008VooDoo quits...again!
10/1/2008No news is good news?
7/30/2008Breaking it Down - ArenaBowl XXII edition
7/29/2008It's all about Soul
7/26/2008No love for champs?
7/16/2008Getting Defensive
7/14/2008Breaking it Down - Conference Finals edition
7/12/2008SaberCats clawing for ArenaBowl again
7/11/2008ArenaFan Playoff Picks – Conference Finals
7/9/2008Breaking it Down – 2008 Divisional Round
7/5/2008ArenaFan Playoff Picks – Divisional Round
7/5/2008Playoffs - time to shine for SaberCats
7/2/2008Breaking it Down – 2008 Wild Card edition
7/1/2008Breaking it Down – Award Edition
6/27/2008ArenaFan Playoff Picks
6/24/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week 17
6/23/2008Honoring the best with the best
6/18/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week 16
6/14/2008American Pride on the line for San Jose
6/11/2008Breaking it Down – 2008 Week 15
6/5/2008Marking his Mark
6/4/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week 14
5/31/2008San Jose’s second half surge
5/28/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week 13
5/24/2008Playoff berth at stake for San Jose tonight
5/22/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week Twelve
5/17/2008San Jose blazing through the West
5/14/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week Eleven
5/9/2008Champs look to awake from long catnap for playoff run
5/7/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week Ten
5/3/2008SaberCats look to claw through Jungle
5/1/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week Nine
4/26/2008How the West Will Be Won
4/22/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week Eight
4/18/2008SaberCats seek .500 at halfway mark
4/16/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week Seven
4/12/2008SaberCats hope history repeats
4/7/2008Breaking it Down - 2008 Week Six
4/5/2008SaberCats look to avoid another VooDoo hex
4/1/2008Breaking it down - 2008 Week Five
3/29/2008SaberCats-Brigade Clash for the First Time
3/25/2008Breaking it down – 2008 Week Four
3/22/2008ArenaBowl 21.5 Tonight
3/18/2008Breaking it down – 2008 Week Three
3/15/2008The Long Way to San Jose
3/15/2008Guarantee is an Expectation for Guy
3/11/2008Breaking it down – 2008 Week Two
3/10/2008SaberCats rumble with new-look Rampage
3/4/2008Breaking it down – 2008 Week One
3/4/2008Chicago Cages Champs
2/29/2008Still "Jack"ed Up
2/28/2008Quarterback Shuffle
2/26/20082008 San Jose SaberCats Preview
2/26/2008Ironman Lives Again!
2/21/2008Year off helps Fitzgerald
2/20/2008Looks Deceiving in Scrimmage for San Jose
2/12/2008All "Jack"ed Up?!?
Andy Lopusnak Bio
Andy Lopusnak is an 11-year AFL front office veteran, spending time with the Tampa Bay Storm, San Diego Riptide and Grand Rapids Rampage. He works as a statistician for NFL and college sports for CBS Sports and is a freelance photographer. Lopusnak received two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of South Florida and has been a fan of ArenaBall since its inception.