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AFL Press Release

Offseason Assignment Process Overview

Monday December 22, 2014

CHICAGO – On Tuesday, December 23, AFL teams will have the opportunity to acquire players with active AFL contracts who played last season for clubs not returning to the League in 2015.

But before the rosters begin to fill up, some may be wondering how the process works. Who’s eligible for assignment? How many players can be picked up? Are trades allowed?

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect this year:

Players assigned to teams that are not returning to the League in 2015 are eligible for assignment. Players who signed new contracts for the 2015 season are not eligible for the OAP and will be cleared as free agents upon passing an AFL exit physical. The 23 players eligible for assignment are: Tray Allen, Brent Holmes, Mike Lewis, Darius Reynolds, Mike Garrity, Beau Elliott, Maurice Fountain, Tyrone Goard, Tommy Grady, Roosevelt Holliday, Justin Lawrence, Keith Newell, James Shaw, Latarrius Thomas, Victor Degrate, James Bryant, Aaron Lesue, Jesse Schmidt, Marcus Harris, GJ Kinne, Eric Norwood, Kenny Stafford and Julian Talley.

During the Offseason Assignment Process, each of the 12 AFL teams will have two minutes to either claim one of the 23 eligible players or “pass”. If a team elects to pass, that team will not be able acquire any additional players during the OAP. Players will be assigned until all teams cease claims. Any players not assigned during the OAP will be cleared as free agents upon passing an AFL exit physical.

The Las Vegas Outlaws will be on the clock first, followed by the remaining AFL teams in reverse order of the final 2014 standings. Non-playoff qualifying teams will select before those teams who clinched playoff berths in 2014. The order will remain the same throughout the OAP.
1. Las Vegas Outlaws
2. New Orleans VooDoo
4. Jacksonville Sharks
5. Tampa Bay Storm
6. Portland Thunder
7. Philadelphia Soul
8. Spokane Shock
9. Orlando Predators
10. San Jose Sabercats
11. Cleveland Gladiators
12. Arizona Rattlers

Other League Exempt
Five players eligible for the OAP are currently on the AFL’s Other League Exempt list. If assigned to a new AFL team, that team will retain the player moving forward should he be activated from Other League Exempt.

Teams are permitted to trade during the Assignment Process. Teams may trade: a player for an assignment order position; one assignment position for another assignment position; or a player and assignment position for a player and an assignment position. All trades must apply directly to the Assignment Process.