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Dan Ryan Articles
7/19/2015Raudabaugh mistakes don't mar entrance into 500 club
8/7/2014Moss' Legacy Will Live On
5/24/2014It's All About The Game... Or It Ought To Be...
4/23/2014Does AFL need a real HoF? Hall, yeah…
12/6/2013Remembering Tim Marcum
8/21/2013Did AFL find the sound with Kiss Deal?
8/3/2013Sharks Send Storm Out of Playoffs 69-62
7/24/2010Fans, Games Made The Jungle, Not The Building
7/31/2007Predators introduce new team president
1/19/2006All together now – what the hell are they thinking?
3/10/2004AFL Brings McPherson to Its Level
2/5/2004Time Heals for Orlando Predators
6/24/2003Are You an AFL Employee? Take a Break.
6/21/2003Moment of Silence After the Storm, Not Before it
3/17/2003Never Miss a Chance to Talk to the Big Man
3/4/2003Arenaball and Iraq Won`t Mix Here
2/22/2003Maynor`s Now the Storyline in Orlando
2/17/2003Eight Simple Post Game Notes From The Predators and Desperados
2/9/2003War on I-4 a Family Affair
2/2/2003Was it Just Me, Or...
7/28/2002Defense Saves the Game in Orlando
7/21/2002Milanovich Could Have Made A Great Story
7/17/2002Quick Chat with Commissioner Baker
6/11/2002To Melvin Cunningham
5/19/2002Wagner Receives Warm Welcome from Predator Fans
5/16/2002Take a Memo, Please
5/6/2002Ugly is not Ugly Enough to Describe Saturday`s Predators Game
4/23/2002God Bless Mark Bradley, That Jerk
4/22/2002Dan Dodges Draft in Favor of `Real` Football
4/15/2002Gruden`s Second Coming Too Much Fun
3/9/2002Don`t Look Now, but Guess who Hit the Big Time?
8/23/2001What? Huh? Gruden is Back?
7/28/2001Rush Beat the Crap out of Predators
7/25/2001Surviving as a Stringer in the AFL
7/16/2001Predators Win with Less than Awe Inspiring Performance
7/14/2001NFL Indoors? Why?
7/11/2001Party... err... Parity Dominates League
7/1/2001If Just the Last Two Minutes Counted It Would Be a Game
6/24/2001Post Game for Orlan... Hey, Wait a Minute!
6/24/2001Despite Folly of Errors, Predators Almost Win
6/21/2001Jay Gruden Makes $#%& Great TV
6/14/2001Predators Mid Season Report Card
6/11/2001Turnovers and Special Teams End Storm Streak
6/3/2001Preds Run Rings Around Ex-teammates
5/20/2001Maynor Can`t Go Home Again
4/26/2001Jill Arrington: Ha! Made You Look!
4/22/2001Record or not, Kelly and the Kats Lose to Tampa
4/21/2001Yeah. Bobcats Win. See Ya` Tomorrow.
4/11/200115 Reasons why Arena Football is better than Baseball
3/30/2001Battle of the Worst (is over) in Daytona
3/15/2001No Orlando QB. No Biggie.
3/8/2001Open Tryouts for the Predators? You Never Know
3/1/2001Random Thoughts
2/12/2001Eli Gold Appreciates a Good Deal
2/5/2001Ah, the Good Old Days...Wait. The XFL?
Dan Ryan Bio
Dan Ryan has been involved with all forms of arena football since 1988, including writing for ArenaFan when Joe Kauffman and Tim Capper aren’t killing his columns because they don’t get his jokes or perspective. His day job is at Bethune-Cookman University, which has produced both an NFL Hall of Famer (Larry Little) and an Arena Football Hall of Famer (Stevie Thomas) and his hobby is tracking how many f-bombs Adam Markowitz drops in the chat room on game nights.