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Denver 45 at Pittsburgh 16
ArenaFan Exclusive Postgame Report
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Denver Dynamite Denver Dynamite 126141345
Pittsburgh Gladiators Pittsburgh Gladiators 0001616

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Post Game Articles

ArenaBowl Nears for Gladiators

It's been ridiculed as being a trash sport or a gimmick sport, but Pittsburgh Gladiators QB Mike Hohensee said Saturday's first AFL championship game will be as competative as any he's ever played.

Between the Pads
Most Passing Yards
205 yards, Taylor, Denver
Most Receiving Yards
123 yards, Mullen, Denver
Most Rushing Yards
24 yards, Prather, Denver
Most Passing TDs
4 TDs, Taylor, Denver
Most Receiving TDs
3 TDs, Mullen, Denver
Most Rushing TDs
1 TDs, Prather, Denver
Longest TD Pass
32 yards, Taylor to Rodgers, Denver
Longest TD Run
2 yards, Prather, Denver
Most INTs Thrown
3 INTs, Hohensee, Pittsburgh