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Greg Hopkins     

Born: November 16, 1971
Hometown: Waynesburg, PA
6' 2", 205
College: Slippery Rock (PA)

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1996Albany Firebirds Albany291
1997Albany Firebirds Albany5890815
1998Albany Firebirds Albany85102318
1999Albany Firebirds Albany6689218
2000Albany Firebirds Albany111129530
2001Indiana Firebirds Indiana100121618
2002Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles102118529
2003Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles87119226
2004Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles6674513
2005Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles8189113
2006Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles7585015
1997Albany Firebirds Albany1-40
1999Albany Firebirds Albany1-40
2002Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles120
2003Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles100
2004Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles8103
2005Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles432
2006Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles8151
1996Albany Firebirds Albany360.00000000
1997Albany Firebirds Albany22131.02000000
1998Albany Firebirds Albany14241.041204362
1999Albany Firebirds Albany24190.072302502
2000Albany Firebirds Albany22201.040202431
2001Indiana Firebirds Indiana34220.534102190
2002Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles31140.061205833
2003Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles24140.061102241
2004Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles28191.031103210
2005Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles35240.042305281
2006Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles30371.031201110
1996Albany Firebirds Albany160
1997Albany Firebirds Albany250
1998Albany Firebirds Albany1-10
1999Albany Firebirds Albany3121
2000Albany Firebirds Albany3150
2002Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles200
2003Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles250
2004Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles100
2005Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles340
2006Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles110
In college, Greg was considered one of the top receiver in Division II. He earned All-America and All-Conference honors for three consecutive years. Hoffart owns nine Slippery Rock school receiving records. He had a total of 215 receptions for 3382 yards and 28 touchdowns in college. Greg lives in Pennsylvania where he is a model in the off-season.