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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for syndicating news headlines. News aggregators and some browsers are able to pull RSS feeds automatically. The feeds are also available for website use, free of charge.

Using RSS

Using RSS is simple. Just plug the address(es) of the XML feeds below into an RSS program or online reader, and it will automatically load the latest ArenaFan Online content. Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari RSS, Netscape 8 and above and the upcoming version of Explorer also support RSS. Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail clinet allows you to receive RSS feeds in your inbox like they were regular email.


Web-based Readers
Google Reader - right click on the feed you want below, choose Copy Shortcut, then paste into Google Reader through "Enter the URL".
My Yahoo! - contains complete instructions
Rocket RSS Reader - registration required

Available RSS Feeds

Arena Football League (AFL) News
ArenaFan Original Columns

Feeds Coming Soon...

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