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Jason Lucas Articles
7/29/2011Dark horse Preds head to Jacksonville
7/6/2011O’Hara Changes Spark Preds to Crucial Win
6/11/2011Predators must stay hot to win South
5/13/2011Questions face Predators as they host Gladiators
4/27/2011AFL officials situation now completely out of control
4/23/2011For Predators, it's redemption time
4/11/2011Preds Defense Rules in Comeback Win
4/8/2011Preds Look to Rebound from Desert Disaster
3/28/2011Preds Open New Jungle with a Bang
3/26/2011Sippio Returns as Preds face Blaze in New Jungle
3/3/2011Predators Media Day Recap
2/26/2011Hill, Sippio Out as Preds Begin Training Camp
2/22/2011McEntyre Returns for Final Curtain Call
11/21/2007Daytona Beach ThunderBirds enter af2
11/20/2007Daytona Beach granted af2 franchise
9/5/2007Preds' White Makes Bucs
8/13/2007Hey Vegas: Here’s my application
7/30/2007ArenaBowl XXI leaves New Orleans jazzed
6/14/2007Predators add Toliver to boost receiving corps
5/27/2007Blaze, Burley wins hometown shootout
5/21/2007Preds breathe as Wranglers choke
5/13/2007Defense lifts Preds over VooDoo
4/21/2007Predators finally find offense, defeat Dragons
4/15/2007Preds continue domination of Storm
4/14/2007Not your Daddy’s war on I-4
3/29/2007Barry Wagner signs with Daytona Beach Thunder
3/28/2007Barry Wagner to Join Daytona Beach Thunder
3/27/2007Manic Monday’s Haunt Predators
3/18/2007Predators run to victory
3/13/2007Sleeping Preds Wake up Too Late
3/4/2007"War on I-4"... Not so Much
3/2/2007War on I-4 XL to Begin 2007 Season
2/25/2007Arena Football Road to Glory: What’s The Difference?
12/19/2006ESPN joins AFL family
6/14/2006Nobody remembers second place
6/11/2006Preds Their Own Worst Enemy in ArenaBowl XX
6/10/2006Defense Key to Preds and Rush Success
6/5/2006ArenaBowl XX Coaches Conference Call
6/4/2006Preds Cowboy Up
5/29/2006New Preds Win, Old Preds Go Home
4/25/2006Preds Return Swagger to the Jungle
4/16/2006Preds Hop into First Place
2/20/2006Preds Survive Storm in War on I-4
2/4/2006Defense Bails Out Preds
1/27/2006New Year Same Story for Preds
6/10/2005Defense Powers Force
5/25/2005Preds Attack as VooDoo Retreat
4/24/2005Predators Slide by Force
4/21/2005Freaky Friday
4/6/2005Predators Win Overtime Battle
3/28/2005Preds Rock Wranglers
2/15/2005I-4 Ambush Lifts Predators Over Storm
2/10/2005War on I-4 XXXVI
2/1/2005Preds Unimpressive but Effective
1/13/2005Preds get Hummers for Major Sponsor
5/31/2004The Old South Rises Again
5/24/2004Wrong Place, Wrong Time for Dragons
4/12/2004No VooDoo in the Jungle
3/29/2004Maynor Leads Offense, Preds to Victory
3/10/2004Boom, Here Come The Preds
3/4/2004Preds Get Back on Track
2/20/2004Early 2004 Surprise in Orlando
1/27/2004Scrimmage Rekindles “War on I-4”
Jason Lucas Bio
Jason Lucas is a part-time freelance writer based in the Orlando, Florida area. A former director of media relations with the Orlando Predators, Jason is making his return to after a short stint as a public relations assistant with the UFL‘s Florida Tuskers in 2010. Lucas has followed the AFL since 1992 and began covering the Predators for Arenafan during the 2004 season. He held that position until being picked up by the Preds front office after the 2007 season. Jason‘s knowledge of arena football and love of the game is what drives him to continue covering the sport.