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1993 Arena Football League Schedule
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Week 1
Friday, May 14
  Albany Firebirds30 Orlando Predators4013680
  Charlotte Rage34 Miami Hooters3210964
  Cleveland Thunderbolts14 Tampa Bay Storm5018485
Saturday, May 15
  Cincinnati Rockers33 Dallas Texans409287
  Detroit Drive49 Arizona Rattlers2915505
Week 2
Friday, May 21
  Charlotte Rage49 Arizona Rattlers4615505
  Tampa Bay Storm34 Orlando Predators4613680
Saturday, May 22
  Cleveland Thunderbolts46 Dallas Texans439262
  Detroit Drive40 Cincinnati Rockers357520
  Miami Hooters23 Albany Firebirds5212898
Week 3
Friday, May 28
  Albany Firebirds41 Charlotte Rage656514
  Arizona Rattlers30 Cleveland Thunderbolts206747
  Dallas Texans38 Detroit Drive4217042
  Tampa Bay Storm29 Miami Hooters226817
Saturday, May 29
  Orlando Predators37 Cincinnati Rockers166089
Week 4
Friday, June 4
  Cincinnati Rockers19 Detroit Drive3813105
Saturday, June 5
  Arizona Rattlers54 Albany Firebirds5011827
  Charlotte Rage19 Tampa Bay Storm5220532
  Dallas Texans51 Cleveland Thunderbolts476422
  Orlando Predators37 Miami Hooters459693
Week 5
Friday, June 11
  Miami Hooters14 Orlando Predators5613680
  Detroit Drive42 Charlotte Rage206312
Saturday, June 12
  Cleveland Thunderbolts45 Cincinnati Rockers198493
  Tampa Bay Storm63 Arizona Rattlers3315505
  Albany Firebirds44 Dallas Texans388886
Week 6
Friday, June 18
  Arizona Rattlers43 Dallas Texans408314
  Miami Hooters20 Detroit Drive2713659
Saturday, June 19
  Charlotte Rage34 Albany Firebirds6110985
  Cincinnati Rockers42 Cleveland Thunderbolts347324
  Orlando Predators46 Tampa Bay Storm4528745
Week 7
Friday, June 25
  Cleveland Thunderbolts32 Detroit Drive3712835
  Dallas Texans30 Miami Hooters28 (OT)8314
  Orlando Predators43 Charlotte Rage206229
Saturday, June 26
  Arizona Rattlers27 Cincinnati Rockers267039
  Tampa Bay Storm36 Albany Firebirds3311679
Week 8
Friday, July 2
  Albany Firebirds27 Miami Hooters438217
  Charlotte Rage34 Cleveland Thunderbolts247198
  Cincinnati Rockers51 Tampa Bay Storm6116236
  Dallas Texans45 Arizona Rattlers7315505
  Detroit Drive28 Orlando Predators4513680
Week 9
Friday, July 9
  Albany Firebirds19 Detroit Drive6513823
  Orlando Predators49 Dallas Texans178365
  Tampa Bay Storm38 Charlotte Rage406321
Saturday, July 10
  Cleveland Thunderbolts14 Arizona Rattlers3415505
  Miami Hooters59 Cincinnati Rockers515147
Week 10
Friday, July 16
  Arizona Rattlers34 Orlando Predators4813680
  Dallas Texans29 Charlotte Rage548405
  Detroit Drive54 Cleveland Thunderbolts436835
Saturday, July 17
  Cincinnati Rockers9 Albany Firebirds5011239
  Miami Hooters46 Tampa Bay Storm6519378
Week 11
Friday, July 23
  Charlotte Rage23 Orlando Predators4413680
  Cincinnati Rockers43 Arizona Rattlers5115505
  Detroit Drive42 Dallas Texans406464
Saturday, July 24
  Albany Firebirds26 Tampa Bay Storm4819438
  Cleveland Thunderbolts25 Miami Hooters4010100Web Rebroadcast
Week 12
Friday, July 30
  Arizona Rattlers32 Detroit Drive4218101
  Miami Hooters57 Charlotte Rage4810520
  Tampa Bay Storm50 Cleveland Thunderbolts137123
Saturday, July 31
  Dallas Texans43 Cincinnati Rockers509105
  Orlando Predators35 Albany Firebirds4912704
Playoffs Week 1
Friday, August 6
  Albany Firebirds34 Tampa Bay Storm4821111
  Miami Hooters13 Orlando Predators4113680
Saturday, August 7
  Dallas Texans6 Detroit Drive5113262
Sunday, August 8
  Charlotte Rage49 Arizona Rattlers5615505
Playoffs Week 2
Saturday, August 14
  Arizona Rattlers34 Detroit Drive3816031
  Tampa Bay Storm55 Orlando Predators5213680
ArenaBowl VII
Saturday, August 21
  Tampa Bay Storm51 Detroit Drive3112989
All Star Games
Saturday, August 28
  American Conference All Stars40 National Conference All Stars647189
 Veterans Memorial Auditorium (Des Moines, IA)
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