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A Starry Night in Des Moines
Jay Jacox takes a look back at the only All Star game the league has ever had - a 1993 fund raiser for Iowa flood victims. Read about who participated, and how the game turned out.

Arena Football Unleashed not the first AFL Video Game
Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed wasn't the first video game that was supposed to hit the streets. Read this article by Dave Carlson about the first attempt to make the sport into a video game.

1997: It was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times
Joe Kauffman takes a look back at the 1997 Tampa Bay Storm season, a season of ups and downs for a franchise that expects only the best.

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Player Bio
Dale Koscielski
Dale was a four-year starter in the defensive secondary at Delaware. He is known for his hard hitting and had a college career high 13 tackles against Youngstown State in 1995. In his five year career at Delaware, Koscielski had 261 total tackles, 1 sack, 19 passes defended and 7 interceptions.
This Day in History
1987-Pittsburgh, PA
The Civic Arena`s roof was opened until the 4th quarter of the Pittsburgh Gladiators 32-31 home loss to the Denver Dynamite. It`s the first outdoor Arena Football League game in league history. The roof was again opened, briefly in the 3rd quarter, in the game on June 29, 1990, also vs Denver.
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