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1987 Awards
Individual Award Winners
 Ironman of the Year Billy StoneChicago Bruisers
 Most Valuable Player Russell HairstonPittsburgh Gladiators
 Head Coach of the Year Tim MarcumDenver Dynamite
First Team All-Arena Team
 QB Rich IngoldWashington Commandos
 FB/LB Chris BrewerDenver Dynamite
 FB/LB Billy StoneChicago Bruisers
 WR/DB Russell HairstonPittsburgh Gladiators
 WR/DB Dwayne DixonWashington Commandos
 WR/DB Gary MullenDenver Dynamite
 OL/DL Jon RoehlkWashington Commandos
 OL/DL Brent JohnsonChicago Bruisers
 OL/DL Craig WallsPittsburgh Gladiators
 K Nick Mike-MayerChicago Bruisers
Second Team All-Arena Team
 QB Whit TaylorDenver Dynamite
 FB/LB Walter HolmanWashington Commandos
 FB/LB Durell TaylorDenver Dynamite
 WR/DB Lenny TaylorWashington Commandos
 WR/DB Mike StoopsPittsburgh Gladiators
 WR/DB Reggie SmithChicago Bruisers
 OL/DL Patrick CainDenver Dynamite
 OL/DL Michael WitteckWashington Commandos
 OL/DL Kelly KirchbaumDenver Dynamite
 K Dale CastroWashington Commandos