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While these folks are the main force behind Arenafan, we'd like to recognize the organizations and individuals that have been instrumental in creating Arenafan Online:

NEXCESS.NET Web Hosting is the web host to Arenafan Online. They really offer an great web hosting deal with all the services we require. Many of you are familiar with the troubles of our last two hosts, and we think that the phrase "third time's a charm" is going to apply with NEXCESS.NET. They gave us great support in getting our site over to their server in record time. They support sites who use PHP and Mysql together, which is exactly how Arenafan is run. Our database and number of queries is massive, yet load times are still very quick. If you are thinking of hosting a web site, we'd strongly recommend them.

MySql + PHP= Arenafan

The backbone of our database on the system is run by a combination of a MySql database and PHP pages. These two great tools give us almost unlimited possibilities. Every Arena Football player, every game, every score, and every news article is stored within our MySql database. So now when we enter transactions, all the effected rosters are updated immediately. When we enter game results, all statistics are updated, including any records which might have been broken during that game. These two tools make our site a live resource for fans.

Special Thanks to:

Jim Parcels who collects Arena Football historical player statistics and has allowed us to present them to you on our site.