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Iowa Suffers 66-33 Loss in Orlando

Tuesday July 15, 2014

 Des Moines, IA – The Iowa Barnstormers (6-10) were defeated 66-33 by the Orlando Predators (9-7) at CFE Arena in Orlando, Florida. The Barnstormers loss of more than ten points has eliminated the team from the 2014 AFL playoffs.

As the 2014 AFL regular season schedule winds down, each game becomes crucial in determining the future of each franchise’s playoff seeding. While few teams have secured their position in playoff contention, the Iowa Barnstormers and Orlando Predators both started the night looking to make advancements toward post-season.

Coming out hungry, the Orlando Predators started with the ball and made their mark on the game by scoring the first ten points of the game. The first possession of the game and the Predators couldn’t quite get the ball into the end zone. However, head coach Rob Keefe wouldn’t allow the scoring opportunity to slip away. A complete 11-yard field goal by K Mark Lewis followed by a quick touchdown grab by receiver Greg Carr brought the Predators a ten-point lead. Iowa Barnstormers 0, Orlando Predators 10.

In the second, it was Barnstormers quarterback Brian Reader and receiver Marco Thomas narrowing the gap. A 12-yard touchdown brought Iowa their first score of the night, 10-7. The Predators came back twice as hard, not allowing the Barnstormers to get too close behind. An on-fire Bernard Morris connected a pair of touchdowns in the air while hauling one in on the ground. Darius Reynolds retaliated with two consecutive touchdown scores for the Iowa team. Finalizing the third quarter, the Predators tacked on another seven points. Iowa Barnstormers 20, Orlando Predators 38.

The first to score once again, Iowa’s Reader tossed one up to Reynolds for a 29-yard touchdown. The home team took advantage of each opportunity following by scoring twenty-one consecutive points. Now trailing by over thirty points, Iowa Barnstormers 27, Orlando Predators 59.

In the fourth, Iowa brought quarterback Carson Coffman from the bench to continue the team’s first-to-score rhythm. Coffman connected a long 45-yard pass with Marco Thomas for the touchdown. However, the Predators weren't ready to back down. With less than two minutes on the clock, Orlando’s Carr grabbed another touchdown pass for the final scoring drive. Iowa Barnstormers 33, Orlando Predators 66.