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Predators Fall to 0-4, Storm Take I-4

Saturday April 20, 2013

ORLANDO -  The Tampa Bay Storm (2-2) travel across the I-4 to battle against their instate rivals the Orlando Predators (0-3). The Predators start the game with a strong drive down the field, but De-Audra Dix intercepts Kyle Rowley for a pick 6. The Storm’s extra point is good by Juan Bongarra, Storm lead (7-0). Storm’s De-Andra Dix gets his second interception of the game, which was then followed by a 1-yard TD run by Adrian McPherson (14-0).

The Predators start the next drive out with a QB change to Chris Dixon that ends in a 1-yard TD run by Jeramie Richardson. Followed by a good extra point kick by Mark Lewis to finish out the first quarter. Storm lead (14-7)

Tampa Bay starts the second quarter with a 34-yard TD pass from Adrian McPherson to Joe Hills. Juan Bongarra misses the extra point making the score (20-7) Storm. Orlando’s Chris Dixon breaks out for a 27-yard run to get in Tampa Bay’s territory followed by a TD pass from Dixon to Amarri Jackson. A successful kick by Lewis makes it a 6 point game. Storm lead (20-14).

The Predator’s have a failed attempt at an onside kick. Orlando’s Mark Robinson ignites the crowd by sacking McPherson. Tampa Bay’s Nick Torresso 3-yard TD run and extra a successful extra point makes the score (27-14) Storm. Not to be outdone, the Predators strike again with 50 seconds left in the half on a 34-yard pass from Dixon to TT Toliver, which brings the score to (27-21) Storm. After an onside kick attempt which was less than successful, the Predators recover a Storm fumble on the 1 yard line, and go into halftime trailing by 6 (27-21).

The second half begins with a huge stop by the Predators defense. Chris Dixon throws a 30-yard beauty to T.T. Toliver and the extra point by Lewis gives Orlando their first lead of the game. (28-27) Predators. Tampa Bay’s Greg Ellingson receives a 40-yard TD pass from McPherson. The Strom are unsuccessful on the attempt for 2. (33-28) Storm. Storm’s Chris Smith recovers a fumble by Amarri Jackson. They follow the fumble recovery with a TD pass to Michae Lindsey. However, Orlando’s Marcus Everett makes a great defensive play to stop the 2-point attempt Storm lead (39-28).

Orlando’s Chris Dixon makes the play of the game running it in for a Predators touchdown, along with a good extra point, cutting the Storm’s lead to 4 with 8 minutes to play. (39-35) Storm. McPherson throws TD pass to Joe Hills, followed by another failed 2-point conversion giving the Storm a 10 point lead. (45-35) Kyle Rowley re-enters the game to replace the injured Dixon. The Storm get the ball back after a turnover on downs by Orlando.

Tampa Bay’s Adrian McPherson runs the ball in for a TD making the score and were successful on the 2-point conversion bringing the lead to (53-35).

Russell Athletic Offensive Player: Chris Dixon (ORL)
Riddell Defensive Player: De-Audra Dix (TB)
J Lewis Small AFL Playmaker: Dominic Jones (ORL)
Cutter’s Catch of the Game: Dix interception 1st Quarter
Spalding Highlight of the Game: Dixon TD pass to T.T. Toliver, to take the lead in 3rd Quarter

Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Final

Orlando 7 14 7 7 35

Tampa Bay 20 7 12 14 53