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A Look at the News and the AFL and Where They Collide

Dave Carlson
Tuesday January 18, 2005

Top Story of the Week (in the AFL): EA Sports and AFL team up

The big story this week for the AFL is definitely the league finally getting a new video game made. The prospects for EA Sports making a quality game are running very high with fans, and hopefully EA knows it. EA has a much better reputation to uphold than Midway did, so, hopefully the game will be of a higher quality this time around.

This comes on the heels of EA signing their multi-year deal with the NFL. Obviously there are differences, most of which mirror the differences between the NFL and AFL in TV contracts. The NFL gets money from EA for the rights; the AFL is giving money (percentage of expansion team fees) to EA to make the game. The NFL gave EA exclusivity, which is making the rest of the video game world shudder. The AFL gave EA exclusivity, which made the rest of the video game world shrug.

Of course, many believe that EA is doing this partially to block anyone else from making the game, since nobody can do the NFL. While that might be true, I think this deal has been in the works for some time. EA would have done it no matter what came of their NFL dealings. The AFL basically threw money at EA, and EA bit. Whatever money EA might lose on selling the game, they are, I’m sure, planning on making more with the expansion team profit. For the league and NBC though, it is worth it to get a quality AFL video game on the market.

Of course, there had to be the snide comments from people as well. A few clips from around the web:

“Looks like I need to turn to EA for my Arena Football League fix. Wait a second... Who the Hell would ever possibly need an AFL fix? I mean, really... Arena football?” – BadMrMojo, SlashDot

“Electronic Arts grabs exclusive rights to Arena Football League videogames. Next up: exclusive rights for Milwaukee YMCA Basketball and Warren G. Harding Middle School Hopscotch” – Fark Headline

“No word yet on what the game will be called, other than "Haege 2006" is not among the finalists.” - Ron Kantowski, LV Sun

Obviously everyone isn’t celebrating like we are.

On a final note on this subject, if you are not aware, this is the second and a half AFL video game. If you aren’t familiar with the “half a game”, read my article from a few years ago: Arena Football Unleashed not the first AFL Video Game.

Top Story of the Week (in the world): California Mudslides and more on the Tsunami

Unfortunately, the AFL video game is of little consequence with all of the tragedy of the last month. The devastation from the Tsunami and (to a lesser extent, but not less important to the people affected) the mudslides is unbearable to think about. Hopefully with these tragedies still fresh in people’s minds, the AFL will be asking for donations at the first games of the season. If you would like to help, you can visit Googles List of Charity Sites.

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