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Brian Beaudry Articles
7/5/2016Who Are You Callin’ A Backup Quarterback?
7/29/2015Rankings and Predictions: The Home Stretch
7/26/2015Participation Trophies All Around!
7/17/2015Throwing Their Weight Around
6/24/2015Success Rate: High Enough
6/17/2015Weighing Recent Events…
6/16/2015Taking it Back: The Return of Duane Brooks
6/11/2015Why Success Rate is Important
6/4/2015Halfway Through the Season, Half the League’s Seasons Are Over
5/31/2015Thunder Set to Play a New Card(er) at Quarterback?
5/26/2015Keep on Drivin` (Plus "To Joe Goosby!")
5/19/2015Measuring San Jose’s success this season (and the KISS’ lack thereof)
5/6/2015When It Hits a Fan: How a Career Ends Before It Starts
4/13/2015You Can’t Go Home Again
3/29/2015All on the Line
3/22/2015Infographic: Breaking Down the #AFLTop50
3/15/2015Frank Trotter: From Iowa to Portland
2/25/2015Picking your 2015 AFL team: A step-by-step guide
1/18/2015Officiating Changes Could Increase Entertainment Value of AFL
12/20/2014Analyzing the 2015 AFL Schedule
7/31/2013Predicting the Road to ArenaBowl XXVI
7/29/2013AFL Exchange: They Are Who We Thought They Were!
7/24/2013AFL Exchange: The Power of the Offensive Defense
7/17/2013AFL Exchange: The Beatings Continue
7/10/2013AFL Exchange: The Dregs Get Stirred Up
7/5/2013AFL Exchange: For America!
6/25/2013AFL Exchange: In Which The Good Teams Take A Week Off
6/21/2013AFL Exchange: The VooDoo and the Curse of Threes
6/12/2013AFL Exchange: Chicago Rising
6/6/2013The AFL Exchange: Cleveland Takes a Trip to the Basement
5/31/2013The Exchange: Top 5 remain the same, Iowa sinks
5/23/2013AFL Exchange: Want to see good Arena Football? Go West, young man!
5/17/2013AFL Exchange: Mix-up in the middle
5/6/2013Return of the AFL Exchange
8/4/2011Player-games: Arizona’s most ridiculous league-leading stat
7/29/2011Ranking the Elite Eight
7/22/2011Playing out the string: Picking at the end of a long regular season
7/18/2011Hymes’ snag secures sixth straight Shock playoff berth
7/15/2011Oscar Meyer Winner
7/11/2011Shock blow out Blaze; will playoff wishes come true?
7/9/2011The third team (and Week 18 rankings/predictions)
6/30/2011Welcome to Summer: Introducing a heat index for the longer games
6/23/2011Scrapping the system: Another week, another prediction method
6/20/2011Shock win crucial game, lose another quarterback
6/17/2011Points per drive and the weak Central schedules
6/12/2011Meyer shines as Shock smack down Soul, 75-54
6/9/2011First to Five
5/22/2011Shock can't weather the Storm
5/16/2011Shock hold on to beat Vigilantes
5/11/2011Shock bench Rowley, to start Stull
5/6/2011Smith lightens locker room, dims opponents’ hopes
5/2/2011Shock handle Rattlers, escape with first division win
4/2/2011Shock knock off Command for first win of the season
4/1/2011Olson shakes rust to take over as Shock offensive coordinator
3/21/2011Shock sloppy in loss to Gladiators
3/18/2011Back Into The Pack
Brian Beaudry Bio
Brian Beaudry has been both an intern and a Director of Communications within the AFL and occasionally provides analysis of the league and the Portland Thunder as an Oregon resident. He maintains a blog, Wrong Way Sports, and you can reach him with research or graphic design suggestions on Twitter at @BeaudryPDX.