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American Conference
Eastern Division
y- Manchester Wolves124 .7508056926-26-28-112-2W 1
x- Louisville Fire115 .6878908266-25-34-37-4W 5
x- Green Bay Blizzard97 .5628087565-34-44-48-6W 1
x- Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pioneers97 .5627847385-34-44-46-6W 2
Albany Conquest412 .2508198962-62-61-93-10L 2
Southern Division
z- Florida Firecats142 .8757226377-17-18-012-1W 5
x- Macon Knights88 .5007777545-33-56-27-7L 1
Arkansas Twisters511 .3127048283-52-63-53-6W 2
South Georgia Wildcats313 .1877058401-72-62-63-11L 3
Alabama Steeldogs214 .1257028931-71-71-72-10L 2

National Conference
Midwest Division
z- Memphis Xplorers133 .8128926017-16-26-27-3W 3
x- Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz106 .6258687576-24-45-39-4W 2
x- Quad City Steamwheelers97 .5627767996-23-55-35-3L 1
x- Amarillo Dusters88 .5008918876-22-63-57-6L 4
Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings313 .1876769082-61-71-72-11L 5
Western Division
y- Tulsa Talons115 .6878907826-25-36-210-4L 1
x- Rio Grande Valley Dorados106 .6257978355-35-37-18-4W 1
Central Valley Coyotes88 .5008728244-44-47-57-8W 1
Bakersfield Blitz610 .3756476654-42-63-95-10L 1
San Diego Riptide511 .3128069133-52-63-93-10L 2

x-clinched playoff berth, y-clinched division title, z-clinched homefield advantage
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