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American Conference
Central Division
y- Chicago Rush95 .6427476716-13-45-16-3L 1
x- Grand Rapids Rampage86 .5717567594-34-32-43-5W 2
x- Indiana Firebirds77 .5006696464-33-45-16-4W 2
Detroit Fury113 .0715507401-60-70-60-7L 11
Western Division
z- San Jose SaberCats131 .9288786607-06-15-17-1W 1
x- Arizona Rattlers113 .7857296245-26-14-26-3W 5
x- Los Angeles Avengers86 .5717316944-34-31-52-6W 1
x- Dallas Desperados77 .5007427553-44-32-44-5L 2

National Conference
Eastern Division
y- New Jersey Gladiators95 .6427146624-35-24-26-3L 1
x- Buffalo Destroyers68 .4286276754-32-55-15-3L 4
Toronto Phantoms59 .3576446562-53-41-53-7L 4
New York Dragons311 .2146668042-51-62-42-5W 1
Southern Division
y- Orlando Predators77 .5006376692-55-23-34-5W 1
x- Carolina Cobras68 .4286246651-65-23-36-3L 1
x- Tampa Bay Storm68 .4286667152-54-33-33-5W 2
Georgia Force68 .4287036883-43-43-35-3L 1

x-clinched playoff berth, y-clinched division title, z-clinched homefield advantage
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