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1988 Awards
Individual Award Winners
 Ironman of the Year Dwayne DixonDetroit Drive
 Most Valuable Player Ben BennettChicago Bruisers
 Head Coach of the Year Perry MossChicago Bruisers
First Team All-Arena Team
 QB Ben BennettChicago Bruisers
 FB/LB Walter HolmanDetroit Drive
 WR/DB Dwayne DixonDetroit Drive
 WR/DB Gary MullenLos Angeles Cobras
 WR/DB Carl Aikens JrChicago Bruisers
 OL/DL Craig WallsPittsburgh Gladiators
 OL/DL Jeff FaulknerChicago Bruisers
 OL/DL Quinton KnightNew York Knights
 DS Durwood RoquemoreChicago Bruisers
 K Marco MoralesChicago Bruisers
Second Team All-Arena Team
 QB Matt StevensLos Angeles Cobras
 FB/LB Osia LewisChicago Bruisers
 WR/DB Jim HockadayNew England Steamrollers
 WR/DB Vince CourvilleNew York Knights
 WR/DB Reggie SmithChicago Bruisers
 OL/DL Jon RoehlkDetroit Drive
 OL/DL Kevin MurphyNew England Steamrollers
 OL/DL Sylvester BemberyNew England Steamrollers
 DS Nate MillerDetroit Drive
 K Novo BojovicDetroit Drive