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Philadelphia (5-4) at Arizona (0-0)
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Week 22: Saturday, August 17 at 1:00 pm EST
Broadcat (TV/Internet) Coverage: CBS
Live webcasts: None

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Philadelphia Soul Arizona Rattlers

Head to Head
Coaching RecordsVs. TeamVs. Coach
Clint Dolezel (PHI)2-60-0
Rankings Philadelphia Soul Arizona Rattlers
Off Passing Yds/Game 245--
Off Rushing Yds/Game 36--
Total Off Yds/Game 2810
Passing Yds Allowed/Game 246--
Avg. OL/DL Weight 3040
Avg. WR Height 6-00-0
Power Poll Ranking 81.7
Previous Meetings(Rattlers lead series 7-2)
August 26, 2016Philadelphia 56at Arizona 42
June 17, 2016Philadelphia 63at Arizona 80
May 14, 2016Arizona 58at Philadelphia 65
March 15, 2014Philadelphia 55at Arizona 62
August 17, 2013Philadelphia 39at Arizona 48
June 1, 2013Arizona 64at Philadelphia 57
March 23, 2013Philadelphia 52at Arizona 66
August 10, 2012Arizona 72at Philadelphia 54
June 25, 2011Arizona 55at Philadelphia 54
Arenabowl Records
Passing Yards Single Game Leaders
12011-08-12Jacksonville SharksAaron Garcia402
22004-06-27Arizona RattlersSherdrick Bonner367
32005-06-12Colorado CrushJohn Dutton347
 1999-08-21Albany FirebirdsMike Pawlawski347
52011-08-12Arizona RattlersNick Davila338
Passes Completed Single Game Leaders
12013-08-17Philadelphia SoulDan Raudabaugh31
 1997-08-25Iowa BarnstormersKurt Warner31
32010-08-20Tampa Bay StormBrett Dietz29
42011-08-12Jacksonville SharksAaron Garcia28
 1993-08-21Tampa Bay StormJay Gruden28
Passing TDs Single Game Leaders
12012-08-10Arizona RattlersNick Davila9
 2010-08-20Spokane ShockKyle Rowley9
32014-08-23Arizona RattlersNick Davila8
 2011-08-12Jacksonville SharksAaron Garcia8
 2011-08-12Arizona RattlersNick Davila8
 2008-07-27San Jose SaberCatsMark Grieb8
 2004-06-27San Jose SaberCatsMark Grieb8
Interceptions Thrown Single Game Leaders
11998-08-23Tampa Bay StormPT Willis6
21989-08-18Detroit DriveTony Burris5
32014-08-23Cleveland GladiatorsShane Austin4
42012-08-10Philadelphia SoulDan Raudabaugh3
 1999-08-21Orlando PredatorsConnell Maynor3
 1996-08-26Iowa BarnstormersKurt Warner3
 1991-08-17Tampa Bay StormJay Gruden3
 1987-08-01Pittsburgh GladiatorsMike Hohensee3
Receptions Single Game Leaders
12013-08-17Philadelphia SoulRyan McDaniel13
 2008-07-27San Jose SaberCatsRodney Wright Jr13
32005-06-12Georgia ForceDerek Lee12
 2001-08-19Grand Rapids RampageTerrill Shaw12
 1999-08-21Albany FirebirdsEddie Brown12
Receiving Yards Single Game Leaders
11999-08-21Albany FirebirdsEddie Brown185
22001-08-19Grand Rapids RampageTerrill Shaw172
32004-06-27Arizona RattlersSiaha Burley166
42008-07-27Philadelphia SoulChris Jackson146
52013-08-17Arizona RattlersRod Windsor145
Receiving TDs Single Game Leaders
12012-08-10Arizona RattlersMaurice Purify7
22008-07-27San Jose SaberCatsJason Geathers5
 2004-06-27San Jose SaberCatsJames Roe5
 2001-08-19Grand Rapids RampageTerrill Shaw5
52015-08-29Jacksonville SharksJoe Hills4
 2012-08-10Philadelphia SoulLarry Brackins4
 2010-08-20Spokane ShockHuey Whittaker4
 2010-08-20Spokane ShockMarkee White4
 2006-06-11Orlando PredatorsJavarus Dudley4
 2004-06-27Arizona RattlersSiaha Burley4
 1999-08-21Albany FirebirdsEddie Brown4
 1991-08-17Tampa Bay StormStevie Thomas4
Rushes Single Game Leaders
12017-08-26Philadelphia SoulMykel Benson15
21989-08-18Detroit DriveLynn Bradford12
31993-08-21Detroit DriveTony Burse8
42015-08-29Jacksonville SharksDerrick Ross7
 2011-08-12Jacksonville SharksKirby Griffin7
 2007-07-29San Jose SaberCatsBrian Johnson7
Rushing Yards Single Game Leaders
11998-08-23Orlando PredatorsRick Hamilton82
21993-08-21Tampa Bay StormLes Barley49
31989-08-18Detroit DriveLynn Bradford46
42006-06-11Orlando PredatorsKahlil Carter36
51997-08-25Arizona RattlersBo Kelly34
Rushing TDs Single Game Leaders
11990-08-11Detroit DriveArt Schlichter4
22010-08-20Tampa Bay StormEric Ortiz3
 2005-06-12Colorado CrushWillis Marshall3
 1998-08-23Orlando PredatorsRick Hamilton3
52017-08-26Philadelphia SoulMykel Benson2
 2016-08-26Arizona RattlersMykel Benson2
 2015-08-29San Jose SaberCatsErik Meyer2
 2013-08-17Philadelphia SoulDerrick Ross2
 2011-08-12Arizona RattlersOdie Armstrong2
 2007-07-29San Jose SaberCatsBrian Johnson2
 2006-06-11Chicago RushMatt D'Orazio2
 1990-08-11Dallas TexansMitchell Ward2
 1989-08-18Detroit DriveLynn Bradford2
FG Made Single Game Leaders
11992-08-22Orlando PredatorsJorge Cimadevilla4
22005-06-12Colorado CrushClay Rush3
 1994-09-02Arizona RattlersLuis Zendejas3
 1993-08-21Tampa Bay StormArden Czyzewski3
52013-08-17Arizona RattlersGarrett Lindholm2
 2012-08-10Arizona RattlersChris Gould2
 2006-06-11Chicago RushDan Frantz2
 2000-08-20Orlando PredatorsDavid Cool2
 1998-08-23Orlando PredatorsDavid Cool2
 1997-08-25Arizona RattlersAnthony Brenner2
 1997-08-25Iowa BarnstormersMike Black2
 1989-08-18Pittsburgh GladiatorsRusty Fricke2
XP Made Single Game Leaders
12014-08-23Arizona RattlersCraig Ratanamorn10
 2011-08-12Arizona RattlersJason Witczak10
32010-08-20Spokane ShockTaylor Rowan9
 2006-06-11Chicago RushDan Frantz9
 2004-06-27San Jose SaberCatsDan Frantz9
Sacks Single Game Leaders
11987-08-01Pittsburgh GladiatorsScott Dmitrenko2.5
22008-07-27San Jose SaberCatsRon Jones2.0
 2000-08-20Nashville KatsJames Baron2.0
 1993-08-21Detroit DriveJames Goode2.0
 1992-08-22Detroit DriveFlint Fleming2.0
 1989-08-18Detroit DriveReggie Mathis2.0
 1987-08-01Denver DynamiteKeith Smith2.0
 1987-08-01Denver DynamiteChuck Harris2.0
Interceptions Caught Single Game Leaders
11998-08-23Orlando PredatorsChris Barber3
 1995-09-01Orlando PredatorsMarshall Roberts3
 1987-08-01Denver DynamiteSteve Trimble3
42016-08-26Philadelphia SoulJames Romain2
 2014-08-23Arizona RattlersJeremy Kellem2
 2014-08-23Arizona RattlersKerry Reed2
 2012-08-10Arizona RattlersArkeith Brown2
 1995-09-01Orlando PredatorsBarry Wagner2
 1989-08-18Pittsburgh GladiatorsCornelius Ross2
 1989-08-18Pittsburgh GladiatorsJo Jo Heath2
 1988-07-30Detroit DriveSteve Griffin2
Kickoff Return Yards Single Game Leaders
12001-08-19Nashville KatsRon Carpenter Jr139
22003-06-22Arizona RattlersClarence Lawson136
32006-06-11Chicago RushRussell Shaw135
42011-08-12Arizona RattlersVirgil Gray125
 1996-08-26Iowa BarnstormersWillis Jacox125
Kickoff Return TDs Single Game Leaders
12007-07-29San Jose SaberCatsTrestin George1
 2004-06-27San Jose SaberCatsChuck Reed1
 1998-08-23Orlando PredatorsRobert Gordon1
 1997-08-25Arizona RattlersHunkie Cooper1
 1995-09-01Tampa Bay StormGeorge LaFrance1
 1992-08-22Detroit DriveGeorge LaFrance1
Missed FG Return Yards Single Game Leaders
12017-08-26Tampa Bay StormKendrick Ings57
 1990-08-11Dallas TexansAatron Kenney57
31998-08-23Orlando PredatorsBarry Wagner48
42002-08-18San Jose SaberCatsClevan Thomas32
51987-08-01Denver DynamiteDurell Taylor31
Missed FG Return TDs Single Game Leaders
12017-08-26Tampa Bay StormKendrick Ings1
 1998-08-23Orlando PredatorsBarry Wagner1
 1995-09-01Orlando PredatorsBarry Wagner1
Game Preview Articles
Jaworski wants to talk about Soul hosting 2014 ArenaBowl

Ron Jaworski has a novel idea on how the Soul can win the 2014 ArenaBowl. Make it a home game.

ArenaFan Staff & Experts Weigh in On ArenaBowl XXVI
Adam Markowitz,

ORLANDO – There have been 21 weeks of grueling Arena Football League action, and it all boils down to what we have on Saturday afternoon at the Amway Center, as the Arizona Rattlers and the Philadelphia Soul duke it out in ArenaBowl XXVI. Kickoff for today's game in Orlando is set for 1:00 p.m. ET, and it will be broadcast on CBS, marking the first time that the ArenaBowl has been played on network TV since being on NBC in 2006.

Rattlers Repeat as ArenaBowl Champs
Jeff Sims,

ORLANDO -- On Saturday, the Arizona Rattlers became the first team since the Tampa Bay Storm in ArenaBowls IX and X to win back to back Arena Football League championships as they defeated the Philadelphia Soul 48-39 in ArenaBowl XXVI in Orlando.

Arizona Rattlers Win 48-39 in ArenaBowl XXVI
Joe Kauffman,

The Arizona Rattlers are winners of ArenaBowl XXVI. Lindholm's field goal proved to be the clinching scoring, making it a two-score game. Philadelphia put up a tremendous effort, but it wasn't enough to beat the Rattlers, who have won their fourth ArenaBowl in franchise history and their second straight by the count of 48-39.

Second Verse, Same as the First For Soul in ArenaBowl
Adam Markowitz,

ORLANDO -- The Arizona Rattlers have become the first team since the 1995-1996 Tampa Bay Storm to win back-to-back ArenaBowls. Unfortunately for the Philadelphia Soul, they are becoming a mere footnote in history, as they are the first team since – ironically – the Rattlers were beaten in three consecutive ArenaBowls in 2002, 2003, and 2004.

ArenaFan Coverage of ArenaBowl XXVI Media Day Press Release was proud to cover Media Day for ArenaBowl XXVI at the Rosen Center in Orlando, FL. Below are video clips from the announcements of the LA KISS, the State of the League Address by Commissioner Kurz, and the statements made by Clint Dolezel and Kevin Guy leading into the biggest game of the year.

O-Line Key To Success of the Soul
Adam Markowitz,

The great Casey Stengel used to say that "You have to have a catcher, or you'll have all passed balls." Here in the Arena Football League, you have to have a center, or you'll have all delay of game penalties. You'd better have three great offensive linemen and a great fullback too, or you'll have a lot of quarterbacks on IR by the end of the season.

The Philadelphia Soul have had the best offensive line in the league bar none over the course of the last two seasons, and if they are going to win ArenaBowl XXVI on Saturday afternoon, this unit is going to have to play at its best.

A Team That Stays Together…..
Jeff Sims,

The Arizona Rattlers are headed to their third consecutive ArenaBowl on Saturday afternoon as they will be involved in a rematch of last year’s Arena Football championship game against the Philadelphia Soul in ArenaBowl XXVI in Orlando. at ArenaBowl XXVI Pictures
ArenaFan Online pictures from ArenaBowl XXVI!

This Time, Philadelphia Has the Eye of the Tiger in the ArenaBowl
Adam Markowitz,

It's clear that part of the reason that Tiger Jones plays here in the Arena Football League is the thrill of the fight, and if the Philadelphia Soul are going to beat the Arizona Rattlers on Saturday in ArenaBowl XXVI, they are definitely going to have to rise up to the challenge of their rivals. Rocky Balboa might have had the eye of the tiger in all of the Rocky films, but right now in the City of Brotherly Love, the tiger that will be in the midst of the fight on Saturday happens to be one of the best receivers in the history of the Arena Football League.

Raudabaugh Out To Prove That He Is Amongst AFL's Elite
Adam Markowitz,

With a win on Saturday over the Arizona Rattlers, Dan Raudabaugh will certainly be able to put himself in a class with Nick Davila, Aaron Garcia, and the rest of the greats in this game, but a loss, and he'll probably go back to just being another one of those quarterbacks who puts up great numbers.

Philadelphia Soul to host send off party
Philadelphia Soul Press Release

The 2013 American Conference Champion Philadelphia Soul will host a "Send Off Party" for the team's departure to Orlando for ArenaBowl XXVI. The event will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 14 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. at Chickie and Pete's in South Philly.

ArenaBowl XXVI Interviews and Videos Press Release

ORLANDO – ArenaBowl XXVI will take place on Saturday, August 17th at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. In preparation for the game, is continuing its tradition of bringing you, the fans, the best and most in depth interviews with personalities from all across the Arena Football League.

Rattlers Hope To Sweep Away Soul, History in ArenaBowl XXVI
Adam Markowitz,

It's pretty good company when you can put yourself on an exclusive list that is currently only occupied by the 1995 Tampa Bay Storm. The 2013 Arizona Rattlers have a chance to join the list of squads that finished a three-game sweep against teams with a win in the ArenaBowl when they take on the Philadelphia Soul on Saturday afternoon in Orlando at ArenaBowl XXVI.

Guy Amongst All-Time Greats
Andy Lopusnak,

This week, Arizona Rattlers Head Coach Kevin Guy is back in the ArenaBowl for the third straight season and is attempting to be just the second head coach to win back-to-back titles, joining AFL Hall of Famer Tim Marcum (1987-89 and 1995-96).

ArenaBowl XXVI Rematch Set Between Soul & Rattlers
Adam Markowitz,

Never before in Arena Football League history have two teams played against each other in back-to-back ArenaBowls. All of that is going to change in ArenaBowl XXVI in Orlando, as the Arizona Rattlers and the Philadelphia Soul are going to be playing for the Foster Trophy for the second consecutive season. Meet & Greet at ArenaBowl XXVI Press Release

ORLANDO – ArenaBowl XXVI will be taking place on Saturday, August 17th, and as a part of the pre-ArenaBowl festivities, ArenaFan is having its official Meet & Greet party at Rosen Shingle Creek, the official host hotel of ArenaBowl XXVI.

11000 tickets have been sold for ArenaBowl on Aug. 17 in Orlando
Orlando Sentinel

Roughly 11,000 tickets have been sold for ArenaBowl XXVI, scheduled for 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 17, at Amway Center, according to the Orlando Predators' front office.

AFL Announces Partnership with LiveCrowds for ArenaBowl XXVI
AFL Press Release

The NET10 Wireless Arena Football League and LiveCrowds, Inc. have announced a partnership to bring fans a new social media experience before, during and after ArenaBowl XXVI, the League office announced today.

AFL Announces ArenaBowl XXVI Broadcast Talent
AFL Press Release

The NET10 Wireless Arena Football League has announced the broadcast talent for ArenaBowl XXVI on the CBS Television Network on Saturday, Aug. 17 (1:00 PM, ET). Anthony Herron and Andrew Catalon will be in the CBS Sports broadcast booth at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla. for ArenaBowl XXVI presented by IOA. Arena Football Hall of Famer, Sherdrick Bonner, and longtime AFL broadcaster Ari Wolfe will serve as the sideline analysts for the game.

ArenaBowl XXVI Postgame Show to Air on CBS Sports Network
AFL Press Release

CBS Sports Network will air the ArenaBowl XXVI Postgame Show, immediately following ArenaBowl XXVI, which airs on the CBS Television Network, the League office announced today.

AFL Announces Insurance Office of America as Presenting Partner of ArenaBowl XXVI
AFL Press Release

The NET10 Wireless Arena Football League (AFL) has announced that the Insurance Office of America (IOA) will be the presenting partner of ArenaBowl XXVI in Orlando.

AFL Announces ArenaBowl XXVI Events
AFL Press Release

The NET10 Wireless Arena Football League has announced its schedule of events for ArenaBowl XXVI Week in Orlando, Florida. The Rosen Shingle Creek will serve as the official host hotel of ArenaBowl XXVI, with numerous events being held at its Shingle Creek and Rosen Centre properties.