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Arizona (0-0) at San Jose (0-0)
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Week 1: Saturday, March 10 at 10:30 pm EST
TV/Satellite Coverage: Cox7AZ CSNCA
Live webcasts: None

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Arizona Rattlers San Jose SaberCats

Current Lines
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Head to Head
Coaching RecordsVs. TeamVs. Coach
Rankings Arizona Rattlers San Jose SaberCats
Off Passing Yds/Game ----
Off Rushing Yds/Game ----
Total Off Yds/Game 00
Passing Yds Allowed/Game ----
Avg. OL/DL Weight 00
Avg. WR Height 0-00-0
Power Poll Ranking
Previous Meetings(SaberCats lead series 26-22)
August 22, 2015Arizona 67at San Jose 70
July 31, 2015Arizona 29at San Jose 56
May 2, 2015San Jose 56at Arizona 34
August 10, 2014San Jose 56at Arizona 72
June 27, 2014Arizona 33at San Jose 62
May 31, 2014San Jose 42at Arizona 51
April 12, 2014Arizona 57at San Jose 51
August 4, 2013San Jose 49at Arizona 59
June 22, 2013Arizona 42at San Jose 72
April 6, 2013San Jose 47at Arizona 73
July 28, 2012San Jose 48at Arizona 51
May 5, 2012San Jose 77at Arizona 70
March 10, 2012Arizona 70at San Jose 71
June 18, 2011San Jose 57at Arizona 64
May 7, 2011Arizona 65at San Jose 43
May 9, 2008San Jose 63at Arizona 42
March 15, 2008Arizona 43at San Jose 63
June 16, 2007Arizona 26at San Jose 66
May 5, 2007San Jose 56at Arizona 49
May 27, 2006Arizona 48at San Jose 62
April 2, 2006Arizona 49at San Jose 61
February 12, 2006San Jose 58at Arizona 50
May 14, 2005San Jose 44at Arizona 54
April 3, 2005Arizona 27at San Jose 48
June 27, 2004San Jose 69at Arizona 62
May 30, 2004Arizona 50at San Jose 43
May 9, 2004San Jose 41at Arizona 58
June 8, 2003Arizona 66at San Jose 49
March 23, 2003Arizona 58at San Jose 59
February 2, 2003San Jose 49at Arizona 28
August 18, 2002Arizona 14at San Jose 52
July 12, 2002San Jose 52at Arizona 59
April 20, 2002Arizona 51at San Jose 52
August 4, 2001Arizona 49at San Jose 68
July 6, 2001San Jose 73at Arizona 63
April 21, 2001Arizona 37at San Jose 48
June 1, 2000San Jose 55at Arizona 34
April 29, 2000Arizona 51at San Jose 42
June 12, 1999San Jose 37at Arizona 75
May 15, 1999Arizona 50at San Jose 54
June 6, 1998San Jose 26at Arizona 48
May 9, 1998Arizona 62at San Jose 43
June 9, 1997Arizona 59at San Jose 22
May 24, 1997San Jose 50at Arizona 59
August 2, 1996Arizona 29at San Jose 30
May 4, 1996San Jose 59at Arizona 61
August 6, 1995Arizona 41at San Jose 40
May 12, 1995Arizona 43at San Jose 37
Game Preview Articles
Rattlers on the wrong side of history...again
Andy Lopusnak,

The last two games for the Arizona Rattlers have been two of the greatest in league history. Arizona scored 70 points and held a double-digit lead early in the fourth quarter in each contest. Both were decided on the final play of the game with Arizona losing each time.

SaberCats open 2012 AFL season with high hopes
Comcast SportsNet Bay Area

SaberCats Scratching Back
Andy Lopusnak,

The last time Mark Grieb threw a pass in a game it was intercepted and returned for a touchdown as time expired against Tampa Bay in the 2011 season finale. It was a fitting end to the worst season in San Jose SaberCats history.

Rattlers will have full turnout tonight
AZ (blog)

San Jose SaberCats make changes in roster, outlook
Tri-Valley Herald