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Western Conference 52 at Eastern Conference 69
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WEST Western Conference All Stars 62861252
EAST Eastern Conference All Stars 1421132169

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Post Game Articles

"Climbing the Wall: Football in China" to debut on CBS Sports Network
AFL China Press Release

‘Climbing the Wall: Football in China’ will debut on CBS Sports Network on Saturday, December 7 at 9PM EST. The broadcast chronicles the historic debut of American style professional football in China, an AFL All-Star exhibition game played in Beijing. This will be the first time the event will be seen in the US. The 3-hour program is produced by Lou Tilley Media.

American football debut earns rave reviews from Chinese fans
China Daily

The Arena Football League passed its historic first test in China with flying colors on Sunday.

East Bests West 69-52 In Beijing All-Star Game
Adam Markowitz, AFL China

The East All-Stars finished a two-game sweep in the AFL China All-Star Games of the West All-Stars at the Capital Indoor Stadium in front of 9,800 fans on Sunday afternoon, winning 69-52 in the first ever American football game played in China.

Miller Time: Smashing Success in Beijing!

Seeing so many seats full, then watching and hearing roughly 10,000 new football fans having so much fun was both ecstasy and relief for AFL China frontman Marty Judge.

Arena Football's 'war on the floor'making history
Murray Greig, China Daily

History will unfold at the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing on Sunday afternoon when American football makes its long-anticipated debut in China.

It's Time To Write History
Adam Markowitz,

BEIJING - A little boy nicknamed Nono roamed the sidelines at the final practice for the East and West All-Stars prior to Sunday's All-Star Game here in Beijing. That little Chinese boy is only four years old, and he had never put his hands on a football before today. Once the pigskin hit little Nono's hands though, he was hooked.

Eye of the Storm In the Eye of China
Adam Markowitz,

Hundreds of years ago, the Emperor of China would sit on his throne in his office high atop all of his minions in the Imperial Palace in the heart of Beijing. His office would be the highest building in the city, and to this day, no building can be built higher than the Emperor's office. That's just one of the many historic tidbits that AFL China's representatives learned about at Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City on Thursday afternoon in Beijing.

Miller Time: In Beijing, the Stakes are Higher

If there is such a thing as a face to arena football, you could argue that Nick Davila’s your guy. The lefty-throwing Arizona Rattlers QB was league MVP in 2011, ArenaBowl XXV MVP in 2012 and became a back-to-back champion in 2013.

Miller Time: An Exhilarating Trip to the Great Wall

The whole long day was surreal, adventurous, breathtaking, exhausting and unforgettable for everyone in the AFL China traveling party.

China to bring in American arena football match
Global Times

Chinese audiences are about to see a real American arena football game for the first time in Beijing this Sunday.

From First Pass to First Game

Gary Morris, CEO for Ganlan Media International, pulled out his cell phone Wednesday night in the lobby of the Beijing Sheraton Four Points to show off a photo he’d snapped in December 2011.

Miller Time: Larger than Life in the Forbidden City

Terrance Smith broke into a teeth-showing smile when a Chinese girl stopped gazing at the ancient beauty of Forbidden City to walk his way, look up and tug on his long dreadlocks. A few minutes later, a guy did the same thing.

Between the Pads
Most Passing Yards
151 yards, Davila, Western Conference
Most Receiving Yards
121 yards, Schmidt, Western Conference
Most Rushing Yards
18 yards, Robinson, Eastern Conference
Most Passing TDs
5 TDs, Raudabaugh, Eastern Conference
Most Receiving TDs
5 TDs, Schmidt, Western Conference
Most Rushing TDs
2 TDs, Robinson, Eastern Conference
Longest TD Pass
43 yards, Hippeard to Beavers, Eastern Conference
Longest TD Run
8 yards, Robinson, Eastern Conference
Most INTs Thrown
1 INTs, Davila, Western Conference