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Postgame Coverage - Boxscore
Georgia 38 at Utah 61
ArenaFan Exclusive Postgame Report
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Georgia Force Georgia Force 73141438
Utah Blaze Utah Blaze 621142061
Between the Pads
Most Passing Yards
306 yards, Grady, Utah
Most Receiving Yards
127 yards, Johnson, Georgia
Most Rushing Yards
22 yards, Moniz, Georgia
Most Passing TDs
8 TDs, Grady, Utah
Most Receiving TDs
3 TDs, Poots, Utah
Most Rushing TDs
1 TDs, Shipp, Georgia
Longest TD Pass
42 yards, Grady to Poots, Utah
Longest TD Run
3 yards, Shipp, Georgia
Most INTs Thrown
0 INTs, Grady, Utah