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Postgame Coverage - Boxscore
Colorado 49 at New York 48
ArenaFan Exclusive Postgame Report
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Colorado Crush Colorado Crush 619141049
New York Dragons New York Dragons 76142148

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Between the Pads
Most Passing Yards
260 yards, Dutton, Colorado
Most Receiving Yards
112 yards, Pyatt, Colorado
Most Rushing Yards
35 yards, Horacek, New York
Most Passing TDs
5 TDs, Dutton, Colorado
Most Receiving TDs
3 TDs, Pyatt, Colorado
Most Rushing TDs
1 TDs, Toombs, New York
Longest TD Pass
27 yards, Dutton to Pyatt, Colorado
Longest TD Run
35 yards, Horacek, New York
Most INTs Thrown
3 INTs, Davey, New York