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Postgame Coverage - Boxscore
Week 4: Los Angeles 44 at Oklahoma 65
    1  2  3  4Final
Los Angeles Avengers Los Angeles Avengers 6372844
Oklahoma Wranglers Oklahoma Wranglers 211621765
Date: Friday May 5, 2000, Game Time: 12:00 am ET
Arena: Cox Convention Center
Attendance: 9,668
MVP: Mark Ricks (OKC)
Ironman of the Game: Bobby McGowens (OKC)
Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
13:42Oklahoma WranglersTDMcGowens 31 yd pass from Lopez (Alcorn kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 7-0
08:00Oklahoma WranglersTDDillard 16 yd run (Alcorn kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 14-0
05:55Los Angeles AvengersTDThompson 14 yd pass from Semptimphelter (Pooler kick failed)Oklahoma Wranglers 14-6
01:32Oklahoma WranglersTDPhillips 41 yd pass from Lopez (Alcorn kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 21-6
2nd Quarter
07:56Oklahoma WranglersTDMcGowens 6 yd pass from Lopez (Alcorn drop kick failed)Oklahoma Wranglers 27-6
01:41Los Angeles AvengersFGPooler 20 yd field goalOklahoma Wranglers 27-9
00:48Oklahoma WranglersTDAbdul-Salaam 23 yd pass from Lopez (Alcorn kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 34-9
00:00Oklahoma WranglersFGAlcorn 33 yd field goalOklahoma Wranglers 37-9
3rd Quarter
12:21Los Angeles AvengersTDRice 1 yd run (Pooler kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 37-16
11:22Oklahoma WranglersTDRicks 55 yd kickoff return (Alcorn kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 44-16
07:35Oklahoma WranglersTDMcGowens 5 yd pass from Lopez (Alcorn kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 51-16
03:50Oklahoma WranglersTDPhillips 27 yd pass from Lopez (Alcorn kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 58-16
4th Quarter
13:22Los Angeles AvengersTDJackson 16 yd pass from Marinovich (Pooler kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 58-23
12:43Oklahoma WranglersTDRicks 55 yd kickoff return (Alcorn kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 65-23
11:12Los Angeles AvengersTDChilcote 7 yd pass from Marinovich (Pooler kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 65-30
10:15Los Angeles AvengersTDGreen 10 yd interception return (Pooler kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 65-37
02:22Los Angeles AvengersTDThompson 8 yd pass from Marinovich (Pooler kick)Oklahoma Wranglers 65-44
Note: scores in red indicate lead of more than one possession.
Team Statistics
  Los AngelesOklahoma
First Downs2212
Rushing Yards1634
Passing Yards259223
Fumble Return Yards00
Time of Possession36:4223:18
3rd Down Conv.3/81/2
4th Down Conv.1/20/0
Individual Statistics
Los Angeles Passing
Todd Marinovich153016831
Scott Semptimphelter8149111
Oklahoma Passing
Ron Lopez91719261
Bob Bees393101
Los Angeles Receiving
Chris Jackson81011
Larry Thompson7732
Corey Johnson3330
Andy Chilcote2241
Jason Fletcher2220
Anthony Rice160
Oklahoma Receiving
Carlos Johnson4510
Melvin Phillips3842
Bobby McGowens3423
Barry Dillard1230
Kusanti Abdul-Salaam1231
Los Angeles Rushing
Anthony Rice241
Danjuan Magee160
Chris Jackson140
Andy Chilcote120
Oklahoma Rushing
Ron Perry4170
Barry Dillard1161
Tom Holmes130
Bob Bees100
Ron Lopez1-20
Los Angeles Kicking
Kyle Pooler4/51/30/00/0
Oklahoma Kicking
Daron Alcorn8/81/10/10/0
Los Angeles Returns
Chris Jackson3/65/00/0/0
Corey Johnson2/17/00/0/0
Oklahoma Returns
Mark Ricks4/158/22/49/0
Carlos Johnson1/8/00/0/0
Kusanti Abdul-Salaam1/14/00/0/0
Los Angeles Defense
Kenny Haslip3/140.0/00/0
Cliff Green2/140.0/00/0
Eric Drakes1/100.0/00/0
Larry Thompson1/100.0/00/0
Anthony Rice1/010.0/00/0
Victor Hall1/000.0/00/0
Ron Lewis1/000.0/00/0
Brett Clark1/000.0/00/1
Danjuan Magee0/010.0/00/0
Oklahoma Defense
Mark Ricks9/160.0/00/0
Kusanti Abdul-Salaam4/020.0/00/0
Melvin Phillips3/010.0/00/0
Anthony Fogle3/030.0/00/0
Josh Heskew2/000.0/00/0
Daron Alcorn1/000.0/00/0
Tom Briggs1/000.0/00/1
Barry Dillard1/020.0/00/0
Bobby McGowens1/000.0/00/0
Chuck Reed1/000.0/00/0
Tom Holmes0/100.0/00/0
Ron Perry0/100.0/00/0
Jose Munoz0/100.0/00/0
Furnell Hankton0/010.0/00/0
Los Angeles Interceptions
Cliff Green1101
Anthony Rice120
Oklahoma Interceptions
Anthony Fogle130
Barry Dillard130