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Postgame Coverage - Boxscore
Week 17: Cleveland 62 at Milwaukee 58
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Cleveland Gladiators Cleveland Gladiators 714212062
Milwaukee Mustangs Milwaukee Mustangs 71473058
Date: Saturday July 2, 2011, Game Time: 8:00 pm ET
Arena: Bradley Center
Attendance: 5,633
Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
10:33Cleveland GladiatorsTDGoodman 8 yd pass from Rocco (Denny kick)Cleveland Gladiators 7-0
03:55Milwaukee MustangsTDEley Jr 6 yd pass from Guidugli (Lindholm kick)Tied 7-7
2nd Quarter
14:32Milwaukee MustangsTDEley Jr 20 yd pass from Guidugli (Lindholm kick)Milwaukee Mustangs 14-7
09:07Cleveland GladiatorsTDRocco 1 yd run (Denny kick)Tied 14-14
05:56Milwaukee MustangsTDWilliams 8 yd pass from Guidugli (Lindholm kick)Milwaukee Mustangs 21-14
00:50Cleveland GladiatorsTDHoke 5 yd fumble return (Denny kick)Tied 21-21
3rd Quarter
09:59Milwaukee MustangsTDLawrence 1 yd run (Lindholm kick)Milwaukee Mustangs 28-21
05:48Cleveland GladiatorsTDBergeron 29 yd pass from Rocco (Denny kick)Tied 28-28
03:34Cleveland GladiatorsTDRedd 22 yd pass from Rocco (Denny kick)Cleveland Gladiators 35-28
00:49Cleveland GladiatorsTDBragg 16 yd interception return (Denny kick)Cleveland Gladiators 42-28
4th Quarter
12:02Milwaukee MustangsTDEley Jr 23 yd pass from Guidugli (Lindholm kick)Cleveland Gladiators 42-35
09:36Cleveland GladiatorsTDRocco 3 yd run (Denny kick)Cleveland Gladiators 49-35
06:15Milwaukee MustangsTDGuidugli 4 yd run (Lindholm kick)Cleveland Gladiators 49-42
04:33Milwaukee MustangsTDGuidugli 1 yd run (Lindholm kick)Tied 49-49
01:32Cleveland GladiatorsTDBergeron 15 yd pass from Rocco (Denny kick blocked)Cleveland Gladiators 55-49
01:32Milwaukee MustangsDCBrinkley 48 yd missed PAT returnCleveland Gladiators 55-51
00:41Milwaukee MustangsTDEley Jr 41 yd pass from Guidugli (Lindholm kick)Milwaukee Mustangs 58-55
00:03Cleveland GladiatorsTDRocco 8 yd run (Denny kick)Cleveland Gladiators 62-58
Note: scores in red indicate lead of more than one possession.
Team Statistics
First Downs1722
Rushing Yards2818
Passing Yards257285
Fumble Return Yards50
Time of Possession31:4728:13
3rd Down Conv.4/74/5
4th Down Conv.1/30/0
Individual Statistics
Cleveland Passing
Kurt Rocco203625741
Milwaukee Passing
Gino Guidugli233328551
Cleveland Receiving
Troy Bergeron71132
Dominick Goodman7881
Robert Redd6561
Milwaukee Receiving
Victor Williams8871
Dwayne Eley Jr81434
Antoine Burns6400
Jason Jones1150
Cleveland Rushing
Kurt Rocco3123
Robert Redd150
Russ Monk190
Dominick Goodman120
Milwaukee Rushing
Gino Guidugli3102
Justin Lawrence361
Jason Jones120
Cleveland Kicking
Matt Denny8/90/00/00/0
Milwaukee Kicking
Garrett Lindholm8/80/00/00/0
Cleveland Returns
Quorey Payne7/133/00/0/0
Robert Redd1/14/00/0/0
Milwaukee Returns
Antoine Burns8/120/00/0/0
Kelvin Rodgers1/30/00/0/0
Cleveland Defense
Levy Brown8/100.0/00/0
Demarcus Robinson5/100.0/00/0
Joe Phinisee5/000.0/00/0
Mike Bragg4/000.0/00/0
Colin Bryant2/101.0/61/0
Russ Monk2/000.0/00/0
Tim Cheatwood2/002.0/71/1
Prentice Purnell1/100.0/00/0
Anthony Hoke1/000.0/00/1
Dominick Goodman1/000.0/00/0
Robert Redd1/000.0/00/0
Milwaukee Defense
Antonio Malone6/100.0/00/0
Kelvin Rodgers5/100.0/00/0
Brandon Brinkley5/000.0/00/0
Luis Vasquez2/110.0/00/0
Marcus Everett2/000.0/00/0
Eddie Davis1/100.0/00/0
Jeff Tow-Arnett1/000.0/00/0
Broderick Stewart II1/000.0/00/0
Dwayne Lefall1/000.0/00/0
Dwayne Eley Jr0/100.0/00/0
Garrett Lindholm0/100.0/00/0
Antoine Burns0/000.0/00/1
Cleveland Interceptions
Mike Bragg1161
Milwaukee Interceptions
Antonio Malone100