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Postgame Coverage - Boxscore
Week 7: Iowa 44 at Chicago 30
    1  2  3  4Final
Iowa Barnstormers Iowa Barnstormers 71714644
Chicago Rush Chicago Rush 0167730
Date: Saturday May 15, 2010, Game Time: 8:00 pm ET
Arena: Allstate Arena
Attendance: 10,363
Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
13:43Iowa BarnstormersTDMcCown 47 yd pass from Vena (Glas kick)Iowa Barnstormers 7-0
2nd Quarter
14:15Iowa BarnstormersTDBlythe 10 yd pass from Vena (Glas kick)Iowa Barnstormers 14-0
08:41Chicago RushTDBoss 2 yd run (Simpson kick blocked)Iowa Barnstormers 14-6
05:38Iowa BarnstormersFGGlas 30 yd field goalIowa Barnstormers 17-6
01:47Chicago RushTDFlowers 13 yd pass from Michna (Gould kick)Iowa Barnstormers 17-13
00:53Iowa BarnstormersTDBlythe 47 yd pass from Vena (Glas kick)Iowa Barnstormers 24-13
00:00Chicago RushFG21 yd field goal from GouldIowa Barnstormers 24-16
3rd Quarter
09:21Iowa BarnstormersTDBlythe 12 yd pass from Vena (Glas kick)Iowa Barnstormers 31-16
04:42Iowa BarnstormersTDFiler 12 yd pass from Vena (Glas kick)Iowa Barnstormers 38-16
00:01Chicago RushTDFlowers 15 yd pass from Michna (Gould kick)Iowa Barnstormers 38-23
4th Quarter
11:29Chicago RushTDMichna 8 yd run (Gould kick)Iowa Barnstormers 38-30
07:01Iowa BarnstormersTDSchmidt 6 yd pass from Vena (Alston kick blocked)Iowa Barnstormers 44-30
Note: scores in red indicate lead of more than one possession.
Team Statistics
First Downs1719
Rushing Yards44-13
Passing Yards256247
Fumble Return Yards00
Time of Possession49:0342:45
3rd Down Conv.4/62/5
4th Down Conv.1/10/2
Individual Statistics
Iowa Passing
Ryan Vena202725662
Chicago Passing
Russ Michna213824723
Iowa Receiving
Tim Dodge7730
Jesse Schmidt6461
Todd Blythe5783
Rodney Filer1121
Errick McCown1471
Chicago Receiving
Nichiren Flowers7932
Samie Parker7740
Kenny Higgins6680
Alan Turner1120
Iowa Rushing
Ryan Vena5280
Rodney Filer5160
Chicago Rushing
Robert Boss5-41
Russ Michna3-91
DeJuan Alfonzo100
Iowa Kicking
Jeff Glas5/61/10/00/0
Chicago Kicking
Chris Gould3/41/10/00/0
Iowa Returns
Larry Kendrick2/30/00/0/0
Tim Dodge1/16/00/0/0
Errick McCown1/14/00/0/0
Chicago Returns
Jamus Martin4/85/00/0/0
Samie Parker1/1/00/0/0
Iowa Defense
Jason Simpson10/010.0/00/0
Kahlil Carter4/100.0/00/0
Derrick Byrd4/100.0/00/0
Tanner Varner4/110.0/00/0
Micah King2/200.0/00/0
Brent Curvey2/100.0/00/0
Willie Johnson2/000.0/01/0
Todd Blythe1/000.0/00/0
Tim Dodge1/000.0/00/0
Rodney Filer1/000.0/00/0
Larry Kendrick1/000.0/01/1
Ryan Vena1/000.0/00/0
Chicago Defense
Mike Alston4/301.0/60/0
Josh Ferguson3/500.0/00/0
Nygel Rogers3/310.0/00/0
Mike Newkirk3/211.0/51/0
Joe Peters3/000.0/00/0
Chris Martin3/010.0/00/0
DeJuan Alfonzo2/200.0/00/1
Kenny Higgins2/000.0/00/0
Mark Weivoda1/100.0/00/0
Samie Parker1/000.0/00/0
Iowa Interceptions
Jason Simpson2-60
Kahlil Carter100
Chicago Interceptions
Josh Ferguson260