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Postgame Coverage - Boxscore
Week 13: Philadelphia 76 at Austin 66
    1  2  3  4Final
Philadelphia Soul Philadelphia Soul 2423141576
Austin Wranglers Austin Wranglers 142817766
Date: Sunday May 27, 2007, Game Time: 4:00 pm ET
Arena: Erwin Center
Attendance: 12,969
Off. Player of the Game: Derrick Lewis (Aus)
Def. Player of the Game: Dwayne Missouri (PHI)
Ironman of the Game: Sedrick Robinson (Aus)
Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
12:11Philadelphia SoulFGFrance 20 yd field goalPhiladelphia Soul 3-0
10:36Philadelphia SoulTDMcKelvey 17 yd pass from Graziani (France kick)Philadelphia Soul 10-0
08:24Austin WranglersTDLewis 17 yd pass from Campbell (Lewis kick)Philadelphia Soul 10-7
07:18Philadelphia SoulTDJames 11 yd pass from Graziani (France kick)Philadelphia Soul 17-7
02:54Austin WranglersTDCampbell 5 yd run (Lewis kick)Philadelphia Soul 17-14
00:12Philadelphia SoulTDPauley 32 yd pass from Graziani (France kick)Philadelphia Soul 24-14
2nd Quarter
11:26Austin WranglersTDAmey 2 yd run (Lewis kick)Philadelphia Soul 24-21
07:35Philadelphia SoulTDOurs 1 yd run (France kick)Philadelphia Soul 31-21
06:41Austin WranglersTDRobinson 53 yd kickoff return (Lewis kick)Philadelphia Soul 31-28
04:57Philadelphia SoulTDPauley 12 yd pass from Graziani (France kick failed)Philadelphia Soul 37-28
03:40Austin WranglersTDLewis 37 yd pass from Campbell (Lewis kick)Philadelphia Soul 37-35
00:51Philadelphia SoulTDBrackins 6 yd pass from Graziani (France kick)Philadelphia Soul 44-35
00:09Austin WranglersTDWright 6 yd pass from Campbell (Lewis kick)Philadelphia Soul 44-42
00:00Philadelphia SoulFGFrance 43 yd field goalPhiladelphia Soul 47-42
3rd Quarter
11:48Austin WranglersTDLewis 8 yd pass from Campbell (Lewis kick)Austin Wranglers 49-47
10:03Philadelphia SoulTDPauley 25 yd run (France kick)Philadelphia Soul 54-49
04:56Austin WranglersFGLewis 31 yd field goalPhiladelphia Soul 54-52
02:32Philadelphia SoulTDOurs 7 yd run (France kick)Philadelphia Soul 61-52
01:35Austin WranglersTDRobinson 56 yd kickoff return (Lewis kick)Philadelphia Soul 61-59
4th Quarter
10:30Austin WranglersTDLewis 9 yd pass from Campbell (Lewis kick)Austin Wranglers 66-61
02:38Philadelphia SoulTDMcKelvey 3 yd pass from Graziani (Graziani run)Philadelphia Soul 69-66
00:21Philadelphia SoulTDJames 45 yd pass from Graziani (France kick)Philadelphia Soul 76-66
Note: scores in red indicate lead of more than one possession.
Team Statistics
First Downs2823
Rushing Yards9524
Passing Yards284319
Fumble Return Yards00
Time of Possession32:0028:00
3rd Down Conv.5/61/2
4th Down Conv.0/00/0
Individual Statistics
Philadelphia Passing
Tony Graziani213028470
Austin Passing
Lang Campbell223331952
Philadelphia Receiving
Larry Brackins81111
Jerrian James6822
Charles Pauley4662
JJ McKelvey2202
Wes Ours150
Austin Receiving
Derrick Lewis132264
Otis Amey3180
Sedrick Robinson3520
Sakeen Wright3231
Philadelphia Rushing
Wes Ours13542
Charles Pauley2341
Idris Price170
Austin Rushing
Dane Krager4130
Otis Amey361
Lang Campbell151
Sedrick Robinson100
Philadelphia Kicking
Todd France8/92/20/00/0
Austin Kicking
Mark Lewis9/91/10/00/0
Philadelphia Returns
Mike Brown6/108/00/0/0
Brian Mance1/0/00/0/0
Austin Returns
Sedrick Robinson9/238/20/0/0
Otis Amey1/8/00/0/0
Philadelphia Defense
Mike Brown8/200.0/00/0
Eddie Moten5/310.0/00/0
Kevin Gaines3/400.0/00/0
Jerrian James2/100.0/00/0
Gabe Nyenhuis2/000.0/00/0
Larry Brackins1/200.0/00/0
JJ McKelvey1/200.0/00/1
Todd France0/100.0/00/0
Delbert Cowsette0/100.0/00/0
Bryan Save0/100.0/00/0
Dwayne Missouri0/100.0/01/0
Austin Defense
Sakeen Wright5/200.0/00/0
Duvol Thompson3/210.0/00/0
Erin Damond2/310.0/00/0
Ramon Richardson2/200.0/00/0
Damon Mason2/200.0/01/0
Toure Carter2/100.0/00/0
Rob Schroeder2/100.0/00/1
Mike Williams2/000.0/00/0
Otis Amey2/000.0/00/0
Lang Campbell2/000.0/00/0
Dane Krager1/100.0/00/0
Sedrick Robinson1/000.0/00/0
Aaron Gibson1/000.0/00/0
Joseph Oniwor0/200.0/00/0
Philadelphia Interceptions
Mike Brown140
JJ McKelvey160
Austin Interceptions