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Postgame Coverage - Boxscore
Week 2: Colorado 61 at Georgia 59
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Colorado Crush Colorado Crush 142072061
Georgia Force Georgia Force 137211859
Date: Sunday February 5, 2006, Game Time: 1:00 pm ET
Arena: Philips Arena
Attendance: 10,431
Off. Player of the Game: Damian Harrell (COL)
Def. Player of the Game: Rob Carey (GEO)
Ironman of the Game: Willis Marshall (COL)
Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
11:05Colorado CrushTDHarrell 2 yd pass from Dutton (Rush kick)Colorado Crush 7-0
07:16Georgia ForceTDCarey 25 yd pass from Nagy (Garner kick failed)Colorado Crush 7-6
04:47Colorado CrushTDHarrell 20 yd pass from Dutton (Rush kick)Colorado Crush 14-6
02:01Georgia ForceTDJackson 14 yd pass from Nagy (Garner kick)Colorado Crush 14-13
2nd Quarter
09:16Georgia ForceTDJackson 15 yd pass from Nagy (Garner kick)Georgia Force 20-14
01:10Colorado CrushTDMarshall 4 yd pass from Dutton (Rush kick)Colorado Crush 21-20
00:24Colorado CrushTDHarrell 13 yd pass from Dutton (Rush kick failed)Colorado Crush 27-20
00:00Colorado CrushTDHawkins 56 yd missed field goal return ( kick)Colorado Crush 34-20
3rd Quarter
11:18Georgia ForceTDThomas 1 yd run (Garner kick)Colorado Crush 34-27
06:52Colorado CrushTDHarrell 5 yd pass from Dutton (Rush kick)Colorado Crush 41-27
03:41Georgia ForceTDAldridge 1 yd run (Garner kick)Colorado Crush 41-34
03:01Georgia ForceTDCarey fumble return (Garner kick)Tied 41-41
4th Quarter
14:56Colorado CrushTDPatu 1 yd run (Rush kick)Colorado Crush 48-41
12:14Georgia ForceTDJackson 34 yd pass from Nagy (Garner kick failed)Colorado Crush 48-47
06:00Colorado CrushTDMarshall 1 yd run (Rush kick failed)Colorado Crush 54-47
01:45Georgia ForceTDLee 22 yd pass from Nagy (Garner kick failed)Colorado Crush 54-53
00:45Colorado CrushTDHarrell 13 yd pass from Dutton (Rush kick)Colorado Crush 61-53
00:20Georgia ForceTDLee 8 yd pass from Nagy (Nagy pass failed)Colorado Crush 61-59
Note: scores in red indicate lead of more than one possession.
Team Statistics
First Downs2718
Rushing Yards2812
Passing Yards277256
Fumble Return Yards00
Time of Possession33:4426:16
3rd Down Conv.5/64/5
4th Down Conv.0/10/0
Individual Statistics
Colorado Passing
John Dutton294127760
Georgia Passing
Matt Nagy213225660
Colorado Receiving
Damian Harrell111325
Willis Marshall10771
Andy McCullough7590
Ahmad Hawkins190
Georgia Receiving
Derek Lee10922
Chris Jackson6913
Rob Carey3431
Jermaine Smith1180
Chris Johnson1120
Colorado Rushing
Willis Marshall361
John Peaua310
Saul Patu2211
John Dutton100
Georgia Rushing
Robert Thomas321
Kevin Aldridge2101
Colorado Kicking
Clay Rush7/90/00/00/0
Georgia Kicking
Nelson Garner5/80/10/00/0
Colorado Returns
Willis Marshall3/17/00/0/0
Andy McCullough1/0/00/0/0
Ahmad Hawkins0/0/01/56/1
Georgia Returns
Chris Jackson6/125/00/0/0
Colorado Defense
Delvin Hughley7/000.0/00/0
Rashad Floyd7/010.0/00/0
Saul Patu3/000.0/00/0
Andy McCullough2/000.0/00/0
Anthony Dunn2/000.0/00/0
Dustin Barno1/000.0/00/0
Toure Carter1/000.0/00/0
Willis Marshall0/010.0/00/0
John Peaua0/010.0/00/0
Georgia Defense
Ricky Parker9/010.0/00/0
Chris Brown9/000.0/01/0
Nate Coggins7/040.0/00/0
Robert Thomas3/000.0/00/0
Chris Johnson2/100.0/00/0
Jamin Elliott1/100.0/00/0
Gillis Wilson III1/001.0/60/0
Rob Carey0/000.0/00/1
Colorado Interceptions
Georgia Interceptions