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Postgame Coverage - Boxscore
Week 8: Detroit 72 at Chicago 71
    1  2  3  4Final
Detroit Fury Detroit Fury 724202172
Chicago Rush Chicago Rush 1416192271
Date: Sunday March 28, 2004, Game Time: 3:00 pm ET
Arena: Allstate Arena
Attendance: 14,837
Off. Player of the Game: Thabiti Davis (Det)
Def. Player of the Game: Lindsay Fleshman (CHI)
Ironman of the Game: Lindsay Fleshman (CHI)
Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
13:54Chicago RushTDFleshman 18 yd pass from Philyaw (Gispert kick)Chicago Rush 7-0
07:52Detroit FuryTDDavis 1 yd pass from Kelly (Lewis kick)Tied 7-7
02:22Chicago RushTDMolden 5 yd pass from Philyaw (Gispert kick)Chicago Rush 14-7
2nd Quarter
13:08Detroit FuryTDKelly 1 yd run (Lewis kick)Tied 14-14
10:37Chicago RushTDMolden 1 yd run (Gispert kick failed)Chicago Rush 20-14
08:36Detroit FuryTDDavis 21 yd pass from Kelly (Lewis kick)Detroit Fury 21-20
04:51Chicago RushFGGispert 23 yd field goalChicago Rush 23-21
04:05Detroit FuryTDRussell 30 yd pass from Kelly (Lewis kick)Detroit Fury 28-23
00:53Chicago RushTDMcMillen 2 yd run (Gispert kick)Chicago Rush 30-28
00:00Detroit FuryFGLewis 21 yd field goalDetroit Fury 31-30
3rd Quarter
14:13Chicago RushTDFleshman 28 yd pass from Philyaw (Gispert kick)Chicago Rush 37-31
12:04Detroit FuryTDDavis 25 yd pass from Kelly (Lewis kick)Detroit Fury 38-37
07:40Chicago RushFGGispert 35 yd field goalChicago Rush 40-38
06:27Detroit FuryTDHicks 10 yd pass from Kelly (Lewis kick)Detroit Fury 45-40
03:58Chicago RushTDFleshman 16 yd pass from Philyaw (Gispert kick)Chicago Rush 47-45
00:09Detroit FuryTDDavis 12 yd pass from Kelly (Lewis kick failed)Detroit Fury 51-47
00:09Chicago RushDCMolden missed PAT returnDetroit Fury 51-49
4th Quarter
14:26Chicago RushTDMcDaniel 35 yd pass from Philyaw (Gispert kick)Chicago Rush 56-51
10:49Detroit FuryTDMoss 1 yd run (Lewis kick)Detroit Fury 58-56
09:47Chicago RushTDAlfonzo 43 yd kickoff return (Gispert kick)Chicago Rush 63-58
06:24Detroit FuryTDDavis 30 yd pass from Kelly (Lewis kick)Detroit Fury 65-63
01:19Chicago RushTDMcMillen 1 yd pass from Philyaw (Molden run)Chicago Rush 71-65
00:03Detroit FuryTDKelly 3 yd run (Lewis kick)Detroit Fury 72-71
Note: scores in red indicate lead of more than one possession.
Team Statistics
First Downs2119
Rushing Yards2913
Passing Yards306244
Fumble Return Yards00
Time of Possession29:5130:09
3rd Down Conv.8/81/3
4th Down Conv.0/00/0
Individual Statistics
Detroit Passing
Andy Kelly223130671
Chicago Passing
Ray Philyaw142224460
Detroit Receiving
Thabiti Davis121945
David Hill4320
Carl Bond3260
Dawan Moss1140
Jeff Russell1301
Anthony Hicks1101
Chicago Receiving
Etu Molden5701
Lindsay Fleshman4813
Jeremy McDaniel2681
Chris Browning1120
Bob McMillen111
DeJuan Alfonzo1120
Detroit Rushing
Dawan Moss7241
Andy Kelly342
Cameron Chance110
Chicago Rushing
Ray Philyaw3-30
Bob McMillen3121
Etu Molden111
Chris Browning130
Detroit Kicking
Mark Lewis9/101/10/00/0
Chicago Kicking
Keith Gispert7/82/20/00/0
Detroit Returns
Ron Carpenter Jr3/44/00/0/0
Curtis Eason1/0/00/0/0
Chicago Returns
Jeremy McDaniel5/134/00/0/0
Hurley Tarver1/23/00/0/0
DeJuan Alfonzo1/43/10/0/0
Detroit Defense
Ron Carpenter Jr3/200.0/00/0
Cameron Chance1/400.0/00/0
Reggie Doster1/310.0/00/0
Thabiti Davis1/100.0/00/0
Dustin Keith1/100.5/20/0
Karl Bates1/100.0/00/0
Dawan Moss1/100.0/00/0
Jeff Russell1/000.0/00/0
Curtis Eason0/200.5/20/0
Anthony Hicks0/200.0/00/0
Reggie Waddell0/210.0/00/0
Carl Bond0/100.0/00/0
Chicago Defense
DeJuan Alfonzo5/500.0/00/0
Hurley Tarver5/200.0/00/0
John Moyer2/020.0/00/0
James Baron2/001.0/60/0
Bob McMillen1/600.0/00/0
Lindsay Fleshman1/210.0/00/0
Keith Gispert1/000.0/00/0
Greg Williams0/300.0/00/0
Johnny Thomas0/100.0/00/0
Kareem Larrimore0/100.0/00/0
Etu Molden0/100.0/00/0
Frank Moore Jr0/100.0/00/0
Aundrae Harris0/010.0/00/0
Detroit Interceptions
Chicago Interceptions
Lindsay Fleshman100