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Postgame Coverage - Boxscore
Week 7: Georgia 36 at Indiana 73
    1  2  3  4Final
Georgia Force Georgia Force 70151436
Indiana Firebirds Indiana Firebirds 1417152773
Date: Saturday March 20, 2004, Game Time: 7:00 pm ET
Arena: Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Attendance: 10,237
Off. Player of the Game: Adrian McPherson (Ind)
Def. Player of the Game: Bill Duff (Ind)
Ironman of the Game: Jarrod Penright (Ind)
Scoring Summary
1st Quarter
10:07Indiana FirebirdsTDMcPherson 4 yd run (Rush kick)Indiana Firebirds 7-0
08:14Georgia ForceTDBurks 30 yd pass from Murray (McLaughlin kick)Tied 7-7
01:41Indiana FirebirdsTDPenright 13 yd pass from McPherson (Rush kick)Indiana Firebirds 14-7
2nd Quarter
12:04Indiana FirebirdsFGRush 34 yd field goalIndiana Firebirds 17-7
03:16Indiana FirebirdsTDMcCullough 4 yd run (Rush kick)Indiana Firebirds 24-7
00:06Indiana FirebirdsTDBech 22 yd pass from McPherson (Rush kick)Indiana Firebirds 31-7
3rd Quarter
14:33Georgia ForceTDCooper 36 yd pass from Murray (McLaughlin kick)Indiana Firebirds 31-14
08:16Indiana FirebirdsTDMcPherson 1 yd run (Rush kick)Indiana Firebirds 38-14
06:17Georgia ForceTDMurray 4 yd run (Murray pass to Anderson)Indiana Firebirds 38-22
01:36Indiana FirebirdsTDHines 8 yd pass from McPherson (Rush kick failed)Indiana Firebirds 44-22
00:00Indiana FirebirdsSSafetyIndiana Firebirds 46-22
4th Quarter
13:46Indiana FirebirdsTDMcPherson 3 yd run (Rush kick)Indiana Firebirds 53-22
11:08Indiana FirebirdsTDYounger net recovery (Rush kick)Indiana Firebirds 60-22
08:02Indiana FirebirdsTDYounger 6 yd pass from McPherson (Rush kick)Indiana Firebirds 67-22
02:52Georgia ForceTDCooper 1 yd pass from Hixson (Hixson pass to Ward)Indiana Firebirds 67-30
00:51Georgia ForceTDThomas 4 yd run (Hixson pass failed)Indiana Firebirds 67-36
00:45Indiana FirebirdsTDHughley 10 yd kickoff return (Rush kick)Indiana Firebirds 74-36
Note: scores in red indicate lead of more than one possession.
Team Statistics
First Downs1121
Rushing Yards2738
Passing Yards165181
Fumble Return Yards00
Time of Possession22:1837:28
3rd Down Conv.3/45/9
4th Down Conv.0/11/1
Individual Statistics
Georgia Passing
Leon Murray71811321
Chris Hixson685210
Indiana Passing
Adrian McPherson162818140
Georgia Receiving
Markeith Cooper6632
Morris Anderson3310
Nick Ward2260
Dialleo Burks1301
Dameon Porter1150
Indiana Receiving
Anthony Hines7311
Brett Bech3471
Jarrod Penright2191
Leroy Thompson1160
Andy McCullough160
Evan Hlavacek1140
Jordan Younger161
Georgia Rushing
Robert Thomas3231
Leon Murray141
Indiana Rushing
Adrian McPherson6153
Leroy Thompson5110
Jarrod Penright480
Brett Bech100
Andy McCullough141
Georgia Kicking
Steve McLaughlin2/20/30/00/0
Indiana Kicking
Clay Rush8/101/20/00/0
Georgia Returns
Markeith Cooper6/109/01/15/0
Indiana Returns
Anthony Derricks1/23/02/37/0
Evan Hlavacek1/19/01/13/0
Jordan Younger1/13/00/0/0
Delvin Hughley1/10/10/0/0
Georgia Defense
Robert Thomas4/300.0/00/1
Gillis Wilson III3/100.0/00/0
Nick Ward3/000.0/00/0
James Williams2/200.0/00/0
Chris Hixson2/000.0/00/0
Dameon Porter2/010.0/00/0
Dialleo Burks1/200.0/00/0
Shane Grice1/000.0/00/0
Juan Porter1/000.0/00/0
William Carr1/000.0/00/0
Morris Anderson1/000.0/00/0
Marcus Keys0/300.0/00/0
Dary Myricks0/200.0/00/0
Kevin Gaines0/210.0/00/0
Leon Murray0/100.0/00/0
Bruce Adrine0/100.0/00/0
Indiana Defense
Delvin Hughley3/210.0/00/0
Dee Moronkola2/000.0/00/0
Anthony Derricks2/010.0/00/0
Evan Hlavacek2/000.0/00/0
Jarrod Penright1/300.5/20/0
Anthony Herron1/100.0/00/0
Bill Duff1/100.5/10/0
Ricky Hall1/001.0/50/0
Mike Sutton1/000.0/00/0
Tony Zimmerman1/000.0/00/0
Brett Bech1/000.0/01/0
Hans Olsen0/100.0/00/0
Leroy Thompson0/100.0/00/2
Andy McCullough0/110.0/00/0
Jordan Younger0/000.0/00/1
Georgia Interceptions
Indiana Interceptions
Brett Bech1220