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Pos PlayerCollegePlayerTrack
DS Raphael BallBall State  
FB/LB Michael BlairBall State  
OL Robert BrewsterBall State  
QB Nate DavisBall State  
K Brian JacksonBall State  
OL/DL Aaron JohnsonBall State  
WR Terry MossBall State  
OL/DL Jose MunozBall State  
QB Mike NeuBall State  
OL Kitt O`BrienBall State  
OL Andre RamseyBall State  
WR/DB Dante RidgewayBall State  
QB David RileyBall State  
OL/DL Mick RoesslerBall State  
FB/LB Sunungura RusunungukoBall State  
K Steven SchottBall State  
K Kenny StuckerBall State  
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4 Len Johnson
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6 Tony Jones
7 Arvell Nelson
8 Odell Parks
9 Jay Gruden
10 Andre Jones
11 Kamar Jorden
12 Carlos Timmons
13 Ernest Priester
14 Phil Bogle
15 Bob Bees
16 Demond Gibson
17 Ibrahim Abdulai
18 Onterio Ford
19 A.C. Tellison
20 Peda Samuel
21 Kenny Haslip
22 Larry Thompson
23 Ernest Grant
24 Mark Valvo
25 James Brown
26 Ben Bennett
27 Riley Kleinhesselink
28 Joe Brannen
29 Billy Parker
30 Jeff Cummins