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21XX AFL Regular Season
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:13 am    Post subject: 21XX AFL Regular Season Reply with quote

Mac, if you ever read this, I don’t know how you made your flag football schedules without pulling your hair out. Its taken me over 30+ hours over the last week (and 11+ today) to make this schedule. Anyways…

EDIT 1/14/19: Flipped the Home-Road weeks for Milwaukee vs Iowa and Milwaukee vs Grand Rapids and added TV, dates (using the IRL 2000 Calendar, feel free to ignore them; the dates for each game serve no purpose other than for "lore" and other unimportant (even in the context of this fictional video game simulation season) stuff), and times for each game.

Anyways, if you followed the video game season simulation last summer, this is all you need to know when it come to the TV stuff:

21XX NBC = 20XX Game of the Week
21XX TNN = 20XX Marquee Games
21XX Local TV = 20XX Other Games

Full 21XX Arena Football League Season Schedule wrote:
Week 1
Arizona @ Grand Rapids – Friday, February 25th; 8pm EST (7pm local), NBC
Atlantic City @ Orlando – Saturday, February 26th; 3pm EST (3pm local), Local TV
New York @ Albany – Saturday, February 26th; 7pm EST (7pm local), TNN
Milwaukee @ Iowa – Saturday, February 26th; 8pm EST (7pm local), Local TV
Tampa Bay @ Dallas – Saturday, February 26th; 8:15pm EST (7:15pm local), Local TV
New England @ LA – Saturday, February 26th; 10pm EST (7pm local), TNN
San Jose @ Chicago – Sunday, February 27th; 3:30pm EST (2:30pm local), NBC

Week 2
New England @ Atlantic City – Tuesday, February 29th; 6pm, Local TV
Iowa @ San Jose – Friday, March 3rd; 10:30pm (7:30pm local), Local TV
Orlando @ New York – Saturday, March 4th; 4:30pm, Local TV
Albany @ Tampa Bay – Saturday, March 4th; 7:15pm, Local TV
LA @ Arizona – Saturday, March 4th; 10pm (8pm local), TNN
Dallas @ Chicago – Sunday, March 5th; noon (11am local), TNN
Grand Rapids @ Milwaukee – Sunday, March 5th; 3:30pm (2:30pm local), NBC

Week 3
Dallas @ New England – Friday, March 10th; 6pm, Local TV
Atlantic City @ Albany – Saturday, March 11th; 7pm, Local TV
Milwaukee @ Arizona – Saturday, March 11th; 9pm (7pm local), Local TV
Chicago @ LA – Saturday, March 11th; 10:30pm (7:30 local), Local TV
San Jose @ Grand Rapids – Sunday, March 12th; noon (11am local), TNN
Tampa Bay @ Orlando – Sunday, March 12th; 3:30pm, NBC
New York @ Iowa – Monday, March 13th; 8pm (7pm local), TNN

Week 4
Arizona @ Orlando – Saturday, March 18th; 7pm, TNN
Milwaukee @ New York – Saturday, March 18th; 7pm, Local TV
Atlantic City @ Grand Rapids – Saturday, March 18th; 8pm (7pm local), Local TV
LA @ Dallas – Saturday, March 18th; 8:30pm (7:30pm local), Local TV
Albany @ San Jose – Saturday, March 18th; 10pm (7pm local), Local TV
New England @ Tampa Bay – Sunday, March 19th; noon, TNN
Chicago @ Iowa – Sunday, March 19th; 3:30pm (2:30 local), NBC

Week 5
Albany @ New England – Friday, March 24th, 6pm, TNN
LA @ San Jose – Saturday, March 25th; 7pm (4pm local), Local TV
Milwaukee @ Chicago – Saturday, March 25th; 8:15pm (7:15 local), Local TV
New York @ Arizona – Saturday, March 25th; 10pm (8pm local), Local TV
Grand Rapids @ Orlando – Sunday, March 26th; noon, TNN
Dallas @ Tampa Bay – Sunday, March 26th; 3:30pm, NBC
Atlantic City @ Iowa – Monday, March 27th; 8:30pm (7:30 local), Local TV

Week 6
Arizona @ Atlantic City – Wednesday, March 29th; 7pm, Local TV
Iowa @ New England – Friday; March 31st; 6pm; Local TV
LA @ Albany – Saturday, April 1st, 7pm, Local TV
Orlando @ Milwaukee – Saturday, April 1st; 9:15pm (8:15 local), Local TV
San Jose @ Dallas – Saturday, April 1st; 9pm (8pm local), TNN
Tampa Bay @ New York – Sunday, April 2nd; noon, TNN
Chicago @ Grand Rapids – Sunday, April 2nd; 3:30pm (2:30 local), NBC

Week 7
San Jose @ New England – Friday, April 7th; 6pm, Local TV
Tampa Bay @ Arizona – Friday, April 7th; 10pm (7pm local), Local TV
Orlando @ LA – Saturday, April 8th; 4pm (1pm local), Local TV
Milwaukee @ Dallas – Saturday, April 8th, 7:30pm (6:30 local); Local TV
Iowa @ Grand Rapids – Saturday, April 8th; 9pm (8pm local), TNN
New York @ Chicago – Sunday, April 9th; noon (11am local), TNN
Albany @ Atlantic City – Sunday, April 9th, 3:30pm, NBC

Week 8
Milwaukee @ Atlantic City – Wednesday, April 12th, 8pm, TNN
New England @ New York – Saturday, April 15th; 7pm, Local TV
Grand Rapids @ Albany – Saturday, April 15th, 7pm, Local TV
Dallas @ Orlando – Saturday, April 15th; 8pm, Local TV
Iowa @ Chicago – Saturday, April 15th; 9:30pm (8:30pm local), Local TV
LA @ Tampa Bay – Sunday, April 16th; noon, TNN
San Jose @ Arizona – Sunday, April 16th, 3:30pm (1:30 local), NBC

Week 9 (Easter Weekend)
Tampa Bay @ Grand Rapids – Friday, April 21st; 8pm (7pm local), Local TV
Chicago @ Milwaukee – Saturday, April 22nd; 7:30pm (6:30 local), Local TV
Dallas @ LA – Saturday, April 22nd; 10pm (7pm local), Local TV
Orlando @ San Jose – Saturday, April 22nd; 11pm (8pm local), TNN
New England @ Albany – Sunday, April 23rd; 12:45pm, NBC
Atlantic City @ New York – Sunday, April 23rd, 3:30pm, NBC
Arizona @ Iowa – Monday, April 24th; 8:30pm (7:30 local), TNN

Week 10
Arizona @ LA – Saturday, April 29th; 7:45pm (4:45pm local), Local TV
Grand Rapids @ Chicago – Saturday, April 29th; 8pm (7pm local), TNN
New England @ Milwaukee – Saturday, April 29th; 8:15pm (7:15 local), Local TV
Atlantic City @ San Jose – Saturday, April 29th, 10pm (7pm local), Local TV
Albany @ New York – Sunday, April 30th; noon, TNN
Orlando @ Dallas – Sunday, April 30th, 3:30pm (12:30 local), NBC
Tampa Bay @ Iowa – Monday, May 1st, 8:30pm (7:30pm local), Local TV

Week 11
New York @ Atlantic City – Wednesday, May 3rd; 7:30pm, Local TV
Grand Rapids @ New England – Friday, May 5th; 6pm, Local TV
Dallas @ Arizona – Saturday, May 6th; 9pm (7pm local), Local TV
Iowa @ Albany – Saturday, May 6th; 7pm, Local TV
Tampa Bay @ San Jose – Saturday, May 6th, 11pm (8pm local), TNN
Chicago @ Orlando – Sunday, May 7th; noon, TNN
LA @ Milwaukee– Sunday, May 7th; 3:30pm (2:30pm local), NBC

Week 12
Chicago @ Atlantic City – Wednesday, May 10th; 7pm, Local TV
New York @ New England – Friday, May 12th; 6pm, TNN
Iowa @ Dallas – Saturday, May 13th; 5pm (4pm local), Local TV
Orlando @ Albany – Saturday, May 13th, 7pm, Local TV
Milwaukee @ Grand Rapids – Saturday, May 13th; 8pm (7pm local), Local TV
Arizona @ Tampa Bay – Sunday, May 14th; 3:30pm, NBC
San Jose @ LA – Sunday, May 14; 8pm (5pm local), TNN

Week 13
Atlantic City @ New England – Friday, May 19th; 6pm, Local TV
Iowa @ Milwaukee – Saturday, May 20th; 8:30pm (7:30 local), Local TV
Grand Rapids @ LA – Saturday, May 20th; 10pm (7pm local), Local TV
Albany @ Arizona – Saturday, May 20th; 9:30pm (7:30pm local), TNN
New York @ Dallas – Sunday, May 21st; noon (11am local), TNN
San Jose @ Orlando – Sunday, May 21st; 3:30pm (2:30 local), NBC
Chicago @ Tampa Bay – Monday, May 22nd; 7pm, Local TV

Week 14 (Memorial Day)
Dallas @ Atlantic City - Monday, May 29th; noon, Local TV
LA @ New York – Monday, May 29th; noon, NBC
Orlando @ Tampa Bay - Monday, May 29th; noon; TNN
New England @ Chicago - Monday, May 29th; 1pm (noon local), Local TV
Grand Rapids @ Iowa - Monday, May 29th; 1pm (noon local), Local TV
Albany @ Milwaukee - Monday, May 29th; 1pm (noon local), Local TV
Arizona @ San Jose - Monday, May 29th; 3pm (noon local), TNN

I miss the Tampa Bay Storm

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Joined: 31 May 2017
Location: Lutz, FL
PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 4:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote
Here is a link to a pdf that has all 14 of the individual team schedules so y'all can see who each team plays each week by team.

1. I have updated and edited the initial schedule post

2. You can ignore the TV/radio networks, dates, and times for each game That was just something I did to give an idea of what the 21XX AFL season would look like if it was actually real (I used the 2000 calendar for the dates; I used the ArenaFan Game search feature to get the local networks.)

21XX NBC (main TV for the AFL from 2003-2006) = 20XX Game of the Week (or in week 1's case, Games of the Week)
21XX TNN (the National Network, main TV for the AFL from 2000-2002) = 20XX Marquee Games
21XX Local TV channels = 20XX Other Games

3. I will do one post per month leading up to May when my Spring college term ends and I start actually playing out the 21XX season. Here is the post schedule to look forward to leading up to the start of the 21XX season:

December 26th, 2018: Full season schedule
January 14th, 2019 (today as of posting this): Team-by-Team schedules, and edit to the original full season schedule
February 2019: Rule Changes from 20XX to 21XX (using some advice Sack gave me when I started the 20xx season)
Mid-March (spring break) 2019: Team-by-Team previews by yours truly (TargetToad Smile)
Late-April 2019: Full (phone) recording of the first game, Arizona Rattlers @ Grand Rapids Rampage and a preview of Week 1.

4. If you want a pdf of a specific team's schedule, please let me know by either a PM or regular post (just say the team you want and I'll PM a link of that team's schedule to you)

ALSO, most importantly,

5. Please don't call any of the phone numbers I have in each team's schedules, those are actual numbers that link to either the arena said team would have played in, an NBA/NHL team that actually plays at an arena that one of the teams would have used, or in Atlantic City's case, the actual phone number for the Atlantic County government.
I miss the Tampa Bay Storm
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