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  Topic: Favorite Girl Scout Cookies?

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PostForum: Off Topic Discussion   Posted: Sat Feb 23, 2019 9:18 am   Subject: Favorite Girl Scout Cookies?
The classic: Thin Mints.ô
  Topic: Carolina Hurricanes owner spends $250 mil on AAF

Replies: 33
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PostForum: AFL   Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 4:27 pm   Subject: Carolina Hurricanes owner spends $250 mil on AAF
Don't know if anyone noticed, but PFT's been updating the story. Here's one that pushed back on the initial notion that it was a handout: ...
  Topic: Same playoff format as last year?

Replies: 35
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PostForum: AFL   Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:07 pm   Subject: Same playoff format as last year?
because a 1 win regular season team won the title just makes it even worse.

Two-win regular season team.*
  Topic: 2019 New Rules

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PostForum: AFL   Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 4:57 pm   Subject: 2019 New Rules
In the end, it ALL seems like "Get the games done in 2:30 or less"...

  Topic: Local press reaction across the AAF

Replies: 21
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PostForum: Off Topic Discussion   Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:15 am   Subject: Local press reaction across the AAF
The Salt Lake-Arizona game was the best of the three games I watched this weekend. Showed what a team in this league is capable of against another team that will put up a decent fight before its start ...
  Topic: AAF box scores?

Replies: 33
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PostForum: Off Topic Discussion   Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:22 pm   Subject: AAF box scores?

"All data on this site is unofficial."

Good to have, absolutely, but it's still not official. That being said, I will bookmark this site for future reference. Thanks ...
  Topic: AAF box scores?

Replies: 33
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PostForum: Off Topic Discussion   Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:58 am   Subject: AAF box scores?
You're right, I can't find them anywhere!

I had to search all the way into the bowels of reddit just to find box scores for the preseason games, which a superfan whipped up in Google Docs.
  Topic: Reaction to game? PFT and more news -

Replies: 32
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PostForum: Off Topic Discussion   Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:51 am   Subject: Reaction to game? PFT and more news -
I thought it was alright overall. Quarterback play was a bit of an issue with the game I watched (SD-SA), which worried me somewhat going forward (The Legends also suffered from putrid quarterback pla ...
  Topic: ACís final name vote

Replies: 50
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PostForum: AFL   Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:21 am   Subject: ACís final name vote
Yeesh. They all certainly spell out "gimmick" to me. I'd go with Royals only because I think it rolls off the tongue the best, but yeah, agreed with firstnten: not a great crop of names.
  Topic: I Found An Interesting Coincidence

Replies: 21
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PostForum: AFL   Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:41 pm   Subject: I Found An Interesting Coincidence
Okay, so to preface this, this could be a completely "DUH" thing that I never really registered until now, but I ended up upon something while looking through games on the Steam client.

h ...
  Topic: Arena League Franchise headed to AC

Replies: 21
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PostForum: AFL   Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:16 pm   Subject: Arena League Franchise headed to AC
Anybody else notice in the article that it's stated the team name will be decided by fans in a contest? How often has that been done? And how often is the name the fans choose actually selected?
  Topic: AFL New Logo

Replies: 78
Views: 3708

PostForum: AFL   Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 6:14 pm   Subject: AFL New Logo
I personally like it a lot. The old logo looks outdated in comparison, but I'm a young'in, so I like the bold and such these days are going for.
  Topic: AFL: Should know by Thanksgiving...

Replies: 164
Views: 15408

PostForum: AFL   Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:02 pm   Subject: AFL: Should know by Thanksgiving...
Well guys, in two weeks from today it's Thanksgiving. We haven't heard much at all on expansion. First we heard they were "aiming" for October, and then "We should know by Thanksgiving& ...
  Topic: Former AFLer reporting for Buffalo News

Replies: 2
Views: 850

PostForum: AFL   Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:50 am   Subject: Re: Former AFLer reporting for Buffalo News
All-time leading passer at a school where 95% of the plays are wishbone options.

Also, whom did he play for?

According to this site, Buffalo Destroyers, Dallas Desperados, and Georgia Force bet ...
  Topic: Is the NFL emphasis on offense making the AFL obsolete?

Replies: 13
Views: 1092

PostForum: AFL   Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:28 am   Subject: Is the NFL emphasis on offense making the AFL obsolete?
for any NFL fans: WTF is a catch?
  Topic: St. Louis Stampede History Page

Replies: 3
Views: 297

PostForum: Off Topic Discussion   Posted: Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:38 am   Subject: St. Louis Stampede History Page
Not sure if anyone's brought this up recently, but if you go to the Franchise Chart and try to click on the banner for either St. Louis Stampede years, it'll take you to a broken link redirect. If you ...

Replies: 44
Views: 2404

PostForum: AFL   Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:18 pm   Subject: THE BALTIWASH ARENABOWL!!!!!!!
So if Washington actually wins the Arena Bowl, does that mean that teams with losing records CAN win it all and the league should send in an obligatory losing team to spice things up? Wink
  Topic: Raudabaugh to IR

Replies: 3
Views: 495

PostForum: AFL   Posted: Wed May 23, 2018 4:56 pm   Subject: Raudabaugh to IR
I'd share the tweet, but it's from this site, so I figured people would be aware already from the front page's Twitter feed.

So Raudabaugh's out. Is that the end of Philly's threepeat? Or do they h ...
  Topic: Happy Birthday ArenaFan!

Replies: 16
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PostForum: AFL   Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2018 7:48 pm   Subject: Happy Birthday ArenaFan!
Really cool to read all these different people who got their start here only to become prominent members of society, in and out of arena football. I discovered this site around 2012 and have been on a ...
  Topic: AFL Video Game

Replies: 6
Views: 2956

PostForum: Video Games   Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:14 pm   Subject: AFL Video Game
Based on a quick Google search, there are four games that have Arena Football in some capacity (although only three involve it as a main focus).

Arena Football (2006), Arena Football: Road to Glory ...
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