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CAFL Press Release

AFL Global LLC announces a re-designed logo for newly formed China Arena Football League

Thursday April 14, 2016

 PHILADELPHIA (April 14, 2016) – In advance of the kickoff of China’s first ever professional American style football season in the Fall of 2016, AFL Global LLC announces a re-designed logo for its newly formed China Arena Football League.

The new logo (produced in Mandarin and in English) incorporates the traditional international sports framework of a shield, with a modern bi-cultural design embedded inside, that honors the game’s birthplace in the United States as well as the home of the new league, the People’s Republic of China. AFL Global will continue to use the acronym “CAFL” or China Arena Football League as the operating name of the league in China.

David Niu, President of AFL Global explains the detail and thought behind the bold new design: “Our logo has traditional elements but also a contemporary feel as we venture into the Chinese sports and business landscape that is evolving at warp speed. Thus, traditional colors combine with a sleek, modern font inside the sports shield frame that is so well recognized globally.”

There is more. There are 6 stars seen in the logo, that represent the 6 cities and teams that will play in the inaugural season. They will expand as the league grows in future years. However, the single, large star will remain. “That represents the league itself, at the center of it all, but also it stands for China in the traditional sense, the home of the our new league,” said Niu. “And, the color scheme is important, as it stands for this unique relationship between the USA (red/white/blue) and China (red/yellow,) and Sino American relations.”

“While our goal is to create a stand alone professional Chinese Arena Football League, historically, this league will always have roots linked to the history of the Arena Football League in the US, along with all levels of American Football from Peewee football to the NFL as evidenced by the executive team and founding fathers of the CAFL. In all ways this new logo represents all those values, and all that history.”

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