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CAFL Press Release

AFL China receives formal approval from Chinese Gov't to begin Professional Football operations

Thursday July 31, 2014

PHILADELPHIA, PA -  Last week, AFL China, led by Marty Judge and his Philadelphia-based investment group, received formal approval from the Chinese government allowing them to officially begin professional indoor arena football operations in mainland China next year. “2015 will be a big year for everyone involved,” says Judge. “We look forward to bringing this exciting sport to the wonderful people of China. We also appreciate the cooperative spirit and support that the Chinese government has shown as we continue to move forward together. We truly value the association.” It was also announced that Lou Tilley Media (LTM) will be responsible for the worldwide broadcasting of all of the professional AFL China games next year. The historic 3-year deal also opens the door for Marty and his team to further advance an international collegiate program they began developing last year in various universities throughout China. Upcoming plans include producing the first-ever indoor collegiate arena football tournament, scheduled to take place in Wuhan, in the Fall of 2014.