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AFLPU affiliates with AFL-CIO

Monday April 7, 2014

MOORESVILLE, NC - The AFLPU is proud to announce that our Board of Player representatives recently voted unanimously on direct affiliation with the AFL CIO. The AFL CIO has accepted our affiliation and our members now join the over 12 Million working men and women of the AFL CIO and their affiliated Unions. The AFL CIO has long been an advocate for working men and women of all backgrounds and is a leader in promoting workplace diversity and enhancing working conditions for members and non members worldwide. Becoming a part of the AFL CIO family will strengthen our membership and the members of the AFL CIO as well.

This affiliation is yet another milestone in the continuing progress and growth of the AFLPU and will serve as a valuable resource for our members domestically and internationally as we move into China and other AFL licensed territories. The main mission of the AFLPU is protecting all Arena/Indoor Football athletes and improving their working conditions while providing them a voice to level the playing field in the business of Professional Football. This partnership with the
AFL CIO provides us with a vast network of support and resources that will provide training, education and many other valuable member benefits that will assist us in achieving our goals.

Thank you to the President Trumka, his staff and our members that have supported this effort during this process that is the culmination of nearly a year worth of diligent effort. The AFLPU proudly stands with our 12+ Million brothers and sisters of the AFL CIO in advancing the interests of our collective group and the interests of Labor worldwide.