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AFL, Sports Video Innovations to Introduce Schutt Vision

Tuesday January 14, 2014

 CHICAGO (January 14, 2014) –The NET10 Wireless Arena Football League (AFL) and Sports Video Innovations (SVI) have agreed in principle to a partnership implementing Schutt Vision technology during the 2014 AFL season. Schutt Vision is a new video technology which allows live-action video to be captured in-game by a camera small enough to fit within the nose bumper of the helmet.

“Our League has always strived to stay on the cutting edge of innovation,” Arena Football League Commissioner Jerry B. Kurz said. “Schutt Vision will allow us to make history by placing cameras on multiple players during games for the first time in sports history.”

Sports Video Innovations, in partnership with Schutt Sports, seeks to define and dominate a new market for point-of-view video cameras in sports applications. SVI is the first company to successfully integrate a high-definition video camera into the football helmet itself, fully impact resistant and capable of withstanding football’s grueling conditions. This makes point-of-view video available for the first time to teams from all levels of the game, from high school to the pros.

“SVI is excited about our partnership with the NET10 Wireless Arena football League, which will provide historic live football game content via Schutt Vision to fans,” SVI Founder/CEO JR Liverman said. “We firmly believe that Arena Football provides the perfect platform to launch Schutt Vision and together we will revolutionize the way fans watch football.”

“Schutt Vision is an incredible new product developed by SVI that will raise the broadcasting and content creators around football to an exciting new level,” Schutt Sports President/CEO Robert Erb said. “The ability to see what a player actually sees on the field, in real time, will make the in-game and overall experience for the fans of the Arena Football League the best of any sports platform anywhere.”

Further details about the partnership between the AFL and SVI will be announced in the coming weeks.

About Sports Video Innovations
SVI was created with the goal of revolutionizing the way in which sporting events are viewed and experienced. Point-of-view video of athletes has long been desired by coaches, fans and broadcasters. With the introduction of Schutt Vision, that desire has been fulfilled. For the first time, coaches, broadcasters and fans can truly see what the athlete sees, in real time.

About the AFL
Since its inception in 1987, the Arena Football League has showcased a fast-paced and exciting game to millions of fans in a myriad of markets across the country. The ESPN family of networks and CBS Sports Network will nationally broadcast AFL games each week for the entire season. The AFL schedule then culminates with the ArenaBowl Championship game live on ESPN.