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Quickplay Week 13

Andrew Nordmeier
Saturday June 15, 2013

Week 12 saw Arizona continue its dominance over the league with a 70-21 crushing of the San Antonio Talons to go to 11-1. We saw another low-scoring game for the sixth week in a row with Iowa and Cleveland grinding out a 37-33 final. Orlando scored a stunning win in the War On I-4 and is now a possible playoff team. At 3-8, yes at 3-8.

Will someone please point to which way up is because nothing seems normal any more?

The week in fantasy had one team breakout a little bit and everyone else shuffling along right behind.

This past week, the South Phoenix Bombers won the week with 239 points and they used Prechae Rodriguez of Orlando as their third receiver to bring the Bombers to the head of the class.

Sara's Sabercats, SF Valleys and the Washington Commandos each tied for second with 230 points. They all had Adron Tennell of Spokane as their third wide receiver.

There was a six-way pileup for fifth as several teams scored 225 points this week. They all used the lineup from last week's column except they went with Jose Martinez at kicker instead of Fabrizio Scaccia of Iowa.

For the season, we have a new leader with the South Phoenix Bombers taking the top spot with 2680 points. Skillet (2670) and arenabowlbound (2667) are in a dogfight for second while the Unemployed Punters hang back in fourth with 2638 points.

Chillin' N Winnin' is one of four teams with the Dundalk Golden Owls, Washington Commandos and Nebraska Predators battling for fifth place. Those four teams are separated by eight points (2614, 2613, 2611 and 2606, respectively). The Short Bus Kids (2592) and RochRush (2571) round out the top ten.

This week's schedule is: Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, Cleveland at Orlando, Tampa Bay at New Orleans, San Antonio vs Chicago at Rockford, San Jose at Iowa, Jacksonville at Utah and Spokane at Arizona. It's hard to say which one will be the low-scoring slugfest but we seem to have one each week.

As usual, we'll use the Unemployed Punters as the guide for the week.


This week's picks are Adrian McPherson, Nick Davila and Erik Meyer. McPherson just keeps rolling right along at the helm of the fourth-best offense in the league at 57.2 points per game. Davila and Meyer control the offenses that are tied for first in the league at 67.8 points per game. This looks like Arizona and Spokane could be a shootout so playing both quarterbacks is a strong play.

Arizona now has the league's toughest defense at 45.4 points per game against so you might want to roll back your expectations a little bit this week on Spokane players. Then again, Meyer has been solid all season and Spokane dealt Arizona its only loss of the season.


Derrick Ross gets the call yet again. His 27 touchdowns and a matchup with the league's worst rushing defense are just too good to pass up. Opponents rush for just under 30 yards per game against Pittsburgh and a 3.2 yards per carry average.

Wide Receivers

Tiger Jones and Reggie Gray have become fixtures in the lineup but that third wide receiver spot is a real toss up.

Joe Hills of the Storm has the best matchup against a leaky VooDoo defense allowing a league-worst 59.2 points per game. Rodriguez and the Predators take on an equally-lousy defense against Cleveland (58.2 points allowed per game). Donovan Morgan of New Orleans has put together a couple good games in a row and is fourth in the league at 119 yards per game.

I'm going Hills with his steady line of 82--1202 and 29 TDs. Realistically, any of those three would work and it just comes down to a roll of the dice as to who does the best. My gut feeling says Hills does the best. Rodriguez second and Morgan third.


Jose Martinez of Chicago gets the call. He has the second-most points in the league in kicking this year with 90 and fills the requirements out.

Unemployed Punters Week 13 Lineup

Eastern Division
1 Tiger Jones WR PHI
2 Derrick Ross FB PHI

Central Division
1 Reggie Gray WR CHI
2 Jose Martinez K CHI

Southern Division
1 Adrian McPherson QB TB
2 Joe Hills WR TB

Western Division
1 Nick Davila QB ARI
2 Erik Meyer QB SPO

Follow Andrew on Twitter @AndrewNordmeier. Andrew is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association.

Andrew Nordmeier is a freelance sportswriter originally from Chicago. Andrew is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association and has won more than three dozen fantasy championships. He has written for local newspapers in the Phoenix area covering high school sports for the last seven years. Andrew also has done play-by-play in the USHL and on the Arizona Rattlers internet broadcast in 2011. He lives in Phoenix with his wife and two sons. You can find Andrew on Twitter @AndrewNordmeier.
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