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Eric Tabor Articles
5/5/2009Disaster in the Second Quarter
4/22/2009Another Piece to the Puzzle
4/20/2009Complete Dominance
3/25/2009Wide-left agony, right-on redemption
7/10/2008Mission Accomplished
7/10/2008Players Call for Whiteout
6/24/2008Cats hush raucous crowd
6/20/2008Huge Win Propels Cats
6/14/2008Cat fight on tap
6/12/2008Cats rejuvenated after bye week
5/14/2008Offensive line play just down right offensive
5/5/2008Cats snatch victory from jaws of defeat
4/23/2008One Man Wrecking Crew
4/9/2008Home cooking not enough for Wildcats
4/1/2008Lester ‘couldn't have written a better script’
3/26/2008On, Indeed
8/6/2007Respected and Feared
8/4/2007A Fireside Chat with the Wildcats General Manager
8/2/2007Time to start the second season
7/30/2007A Tale of Two Quarters
7/24/2007Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
7/20/2007Cats not resting on laurels
7/16/2007Cream, or at least South Georgia’s defense, rises to the top
7/9/2007How Bout That Defense
7/6/2007A Tale of Two Cities
7/3/2007What happened?
6/28/2007Who’s next?
6/21/2007Banged up but still on a roll
6/16/2007Making heads or tails of a controversial call
6/8/2007Big Thangs Poppin: af2 Showdown
6/4/2007Good teams find a way to win
5/28/2007"Jam Up Jelly Tight" A total team effort
5/21/2007An ugly win is still a win
5/18/2007What a difference seven weeks make
5/15/2007Forget David vs. Goliath
5/11/2007Pretenders or contenders? Next test will tell Wildcats’ tale
5/8/2007One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show
5/3/2007Wildcats ready for Rio Grande
4/24/2007Forget the Past, Live in the Present, and Smile When Thinking of the Future
4/11/2007Cats Extinguish Fire
4/7/2007Death of Darryl Stingley
4/6/2007The "Bend but Don’t Break" Defense
4/3/2007There’s An Arms Race for Quarterback in South Georgia
Eric Tabor Bio
Eric Tabor is a technology consultant, a free-lance writer, mobile DJ, and a native of Albany, Georgia. He has been an af2 fan since the Wildcats moved from Cape Fear. As well as being a football enthusiast, former player, and coach, he is married with three daughters and a son.