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AFL Nation Mourns the Loss of Tim Marcum

Adam Markowitz
Thursday December 5, 2013

The Arena Football League lost a true legend of the game and a fantastic man on Thursday, December 5th at 3:32 PM ET, as Tim Marcum passed away at the age of 68. Countless numbers were touched by what Coach Marcum did both on the field and off the field, and here at ArenaFan, we reached out to as many as we could find to help us all remember the life and times of the greatest coach that ever there ever was in the AFL.

Please continue to check back to this article, as this will serve as a memorial for Coach Marcum that remains with ArenaFan forever. If you would like to add to this list and leave your words for Coach Marcum, please contact Adam at

"Coach Marcum was a legend of the Arena Football League. No one had a better eye for talent and a better mastery of the Ironman game, as demonstrated by the championships he won in Denver, Detroit, and Tampa Bay. I'll always remember the conversation I had with him about the great players and the great games of this sport that he loved. Coach Marcum will be missed." -Joe Kauffman, President

"An AFL legend has left us. I wish I had met him. He may have been the AFL coach you'd love to hate, but he was well respected." -Tim Capper, Social Media Director, AFL Tonight Host

"He wasn't just another character of arena football. He was THE character of arena football. As much as Preds fans hated him through the years, his character on and off the football field always kept things interesting. I am deeply saddened to hear of his death today." -Jason Lucas, Alumnus

"Plain and simple: Tim Marcum was arena football. Without him, we might not be talking about the sport today. The bar he set for coaching might never be reached as he will always be looked at as th Vince Lombardi of arena football. All of us who have been around the game a while have lost a friend today. He will be missed." -Tom Goodhines, Alumnus, General Manager, Philadelphia Soul

"Fans of The Arena Football League lost the game’s biggest promoter and bar none its best coach. Today I lost a friend, a mentor and a member of my family. As I scrolled through my Facebook News Feed today, I learned that I was not alone. Those three words, “friend,” “mentor,” and “family” kept popping up from all the players, coaches and members of The Storm Family who were touched by Coach. Fans saw intensity on the field. I saw that same intensity, but I also saw a lot more. Coach was fun-loving, thoughtful and caring (He’d probably tell me to shut the hell up for describing him that way.) He told me all the time, “We are building memories through Arena Football.” I cannot thank Coach enough for all of the memories that he allowed me to experience. My thoughts are with Michelle, Mitzi, the rest of The Marcum family, and our Tampa Bay Storm Family." -Jason Dixon, Former Tampa Bay Storm Play-By-Play Radio Man

"Coach Marcum was one of those coaches who had a very high level of respect for the fans. I remember hearing a post-practice speech before a game against the Predators, and he told the players how much pride a Storm win generated in the stands. He was always accessible to our fan club and did evreything he could to help. He was one of the 'old guard' in the AFL, and arena football won't be the same without him." -Adam Locascio, Alumnus

"This really hurts. He gave me my shot and was a mentor in a lot of ways. I loved working for him and being around him." -Ron Selesky, Assistant Coach, Cleveland Gladiators

"Marcum was obviously great for arena football. He's probably one of the best coaches in arena football. He knew the game. What else can you say about the guy? You can only say good things about the guy. When it comes to arena football, no one has anything bad to say about Marcum. I'm glad I had some time to stand with him and play against him." -Kenny McEntyre, Retired AFL Player

"I will miss him, coach treated me like a son. He did not need to, but he took me under his wings and made me a part of his family. People know he had a lot of passion for football, what they don't know is what he would do for people in need and what he gave of himself, to and for others. Coach wouldn't talk about it, but he impacted a lot of lives in a positive way." -Jim Robinson, Former Media Relations Director, Tampa Bay Storm

"Coach Marcum gave me my start in arena football. That start gave me the opportunity to have a 14-year career in the NFL, World League, and arena football. He believed in me when no one did at that time in my career, and I am so grateful for the opportunity he gave me. My last game, in which I retired from the AFL, Marcum was there! Coach will be missed by all who knew him. Thanks Coach! You were appreciated." -Cecil Doggette, Retired AFL Player

"He was one of the funniest guys I knew. We talked all the time. He told some of the greatest stories… I talked to him the first year I became a coach. He had some influence there. People who played for him kept a friendship that lasted a lifetime. He was a pioneer of arena football." -Kevin Guy, Head Coach, Arizona Rattlers

"The AFL lost its most valuable ambassador with the passing of Tim Marcum. No one impacted the game like Coach. He helped to shape the game he loved from its birth and was instrumental in its rebirth in 2010. He was not just Coach. He was my friend. He is sorely missed." -Dan Newman, Owner, New Orleans VooDoo

"He left no stone unturned. He was prepared. He wanted execution and he wanted perfection. Anything we did, we did it very well. Even though the defense knew what was coming, you couldn't stop it because we executed it." -George LaFrance, AFL Hall of Famer

"I seldom called the opposing coach to advance Rattlers games, but whenever it was Marcum as the opposing coach, he was a must call. An hour would go by in no time just talking about stuff that that sometimes didn’t have anything to do with football. He was a great ambassador of the indoor game, who was funny, insightful and crafty. He was always ahead of the curb in this game." -Richard Obert, Arizona Republic

"Marcum redefined the game of football. He, along with Mouse Davis, were instrumental in revolutionizing the outdoor game with the invention of the run and shoot offense. An original ambassador to the game. Gave me my first experience of being World Champions in Detroit with the Drive. His AFL legacy always was that he developed winners. -James Guidry, AFLPU, Retired AFL Player

"RIP Coach Marcum. You were the hated enemy, but you were still a favorite 'cousin'." -Nancy Morris, Orlando Predators Season Ticket Holder

And of course, no list of quotes about Tim Marcum would be complete without adding some of my favorite "Marcumisms."

"We leave that second guessin' up to those guys who post at ArenaFan."
"She wasn't pretty, but we danced with her anyway."
"Well, y' know."
"It's like wiping your butt with a bicycle tire. The stuff keeps coming back around." "Arena football is the four F's... Fast, fun, fan-friendly, and 'ffordable."
"He's faster than a small town rumor." (speaking of Sedrick Robinson)

Rest In Peace, Coach Marcum. You will be sorely missed.

Richard Obert of the Arizona Republic aided in the compilation of this report

Adam Markowitz is an accountant and a freelance sports writer living in Orlando. As a Florida State graduate with degrees in music and history, the garnet and gold will forever be a part of him, but he bleeds the black and red of the Orlando Predators like none other. Adam has been following the AFL since 1991 and has been at well over 200 games, including 16 ArenaBowls. You can follow Adam on Twitter @AFLGuru.
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