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For Darron Thomas, a season ending injury doesn't mean an end to football in 2015

Olivia Trueb
Monday August 3, 2015

 In the blazing heat of practice Darron Thomas, Oregon Duck quarterback legend, still participates. Though he may not be doing warm ups and practicing plays, Darron still helps out with the occasional coaching and helping the receivers practice catching. By the end of practice, everyone had cleared out fast. Darron though stayed a little while longer to answer a few of my questions. Darron’s injury occurred May 23rd in Orlando, when the Thunder took on the Orlando Predators. The game ended in a loss 69-43 and accompanied by an injured Quarterback. He suffered from a knee injury six minutes from the end of the second quarter, thus ending this player’s 2015 season.

“I’m feeling alright.” Thomas said. “I’ll be back next season, back stronger than ever. I just can’t wait to play football again.” He told me, as any athlete would hate to be kept from the game. Darron has been unable to do much on the field as he doesn’t want to further injure his knee. “I’m on track for recovery. I asked the doctor the same thing. They’ve told me to take my time. It’s an early injury so, i’m just taking my time off.”

Asking him about the possibility of returning to the Portland Thunder next season created a smile across Darron’s face. “Yeah I think I’m a Thunder player. It’s not if I would like to come back, I think the team would have to bring me back. But first I gotta show them I'm healthy. I mean you don't bring back a player just for the smiles and just for the giggles.”

His plans for the off season? Rehab of course, getting healthy so he can continue being a Thunder and doing what he loves to do, play football. “I’ve got a year long injury, gotta squeeze that down if I’m gonna be ready for next season.” Darron said. “Instead of being out for the beginning of next season, getting ready for it.”

A question that has been bouncing around my own thoughts was, what went through his head after being injured? Worry for the game? The team? Himself? Finally I received an answer. “I don't know, cause I wasn't really injured. I’m still kinda figuring it out.” He laughed. “I still don't know, my mindset was just to get back out there with my teammates, to keep playing the game.”

How do players stay so positive? If something stopped me from doing what I loved, I sure wouldn't be. “Just staying around my teammates, just staying close to the team and the guys. That’s doing the things that I wanna do, I think my teammates and doctor Jeff have been doing a lot. My doctors keeping me real, I'm going positive. Just staying close to the people that care most about me.”

Darron Thomas, actively continuing contact with his team, never stopping and always on the positive side. Hopefully we’ll see him back next season, healthy and ready to play.

Olivia Trueb is a 17 year-old online high school student in West Linn, Oregon. Olivia has been a fan since the Thunder participated in an event at the CCA, Childrens Cancer Association. After getting hooked on the Thunder at one game in 2014, Olivia has been a season ticket holder and a regular attendee at practice. She joined the ArenaFan staff in 2015. You can follow Olivia on Twitter @olivia77421343.
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