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AFL Wake to be held August 18th at 9pm Eastern Time on

Dave Carlson
Tuesday August 11, 2009

Although many might say it has not "officially" folded, it appears that the AFL is not coming back, at least in any sort of form as it has been, or with the continuity of the last 22 years.  Yes, some other the teams might come back in other leagues, or someone might reuse the Arena Football League name in 2010 or 2011, but, it will be as much the same "Arena Football League" as before as the "ABA2000" was the original ABA, or the "New USFL" would be the same as the old USFL.

In that spirit, an "Online Wake" for the demise of the AFL (as we know it) will be held in the ArenaFan chat room on August 18th at 9pm Eastern Time.  All who loved and respected the AFL are welcome to join in.

Much like a real life funeral or wake, we do not want this to be a fight about whatever people think "killed" the AFL, or whatever qualms people had with certain staff or league rules or decisions.  We want this to be a happy celebration about what the league meant to them, their most cherished memories of seeing their teams play, their favorite experiences with players or coaches.  Funny, heartwarming, and memorable are what we are looking for on this night.

We look forward to seeing the many fans over the past 22 years in our chat room.

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AFL Wake to be held August 18th at 9pm Eastern Time on
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