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eBay Today #2 - A Phantom Arena Teams Merchandise
Dave Carlson,

We are back again with more off the wall AFL finds on Ebay. This time, we've uncovered some phantom Arena Football merchandise. No, not the old Toronto Phantoms, although you can find some old Phantom mascot bobbleheads and other items pop up from time to time. But, this week we'll be pointing out some actual products that were made for an af2 team that never even hit the field!

eBay Today #1 - Tampa Bay Storm replica ArenaBowl ring
Joe Kauffman,

We are kicking off a new feature series here at ArenaFan. We're combing through the depths of Arena Football League related items that can be found on eBay and will present them to you every so often. Our first eBay Today feature is a Tampa Bay Storm replica 1991 ArenaBowl championship ring.